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Writing is a Revolutionary Artform: Join Black Hammer Times

by Chief Saint and Chief Jihad

Do you like current events? Do you enjoy thinkpieces or photography? Have you ever considered hosting a news show or being a graphic designer for the revolution? Do you like fast-paced administration work? 

Black Hammer Times is the committee for you!

Black Hammer at SLC PRotest
Black Hammer leading protest in Salt Lake City

Black Hammer Times is the news outlet of the Black Hammer Organization. We work hard to make sure colonized people get important news and the political education required to navigate all struggles colonized people face daily due to colonialism. The state tries to use media and propaganda to downplay the impact of oppression on colonized people across the world. Black Hammer Times directly addresses that contradiction by posting articles on everything from survival and safety tips, amerikkkas sanctions in other places of the world, and even celebrity gossip/ pop culture. We write about all things that deal with colonized people.

Prefer photography and media?

Colonized people are the forefront of the historical art movement. Nothing captures the true history of a people like the art and photography of colonized people by colonized people. Black Hammer Times wants to get as much art and photography from our people and hold us in the spotlight. If you like browsing through Instagram and Twitter on the art tags anyway, why not join to be our photo editor and give colonized art the spotlight!

Drawing or making comics more your thing?

Comics were one of the first forms of propaganda, and have been used by revolutionaries in the past to communicate without words or language. What colonized people have as a language barrier is always surpassed by visual and multimedia messages. In corona-times many people are handling their stress by making art. Why not use it to empower our communities? 

If you’d like to help colonized people surpass the colonial barrier of colonized language so more colonized people can understand the depth of colonial oppression and current events, consider joining Black Hammer Times as an artist for our upcoming printed media.

Are you more interested in editing? Or even administration work?

example of admin work
example of admin work

Black Hammer Times is always looking for more comrades to edit and format our articles. So much goes on behind the scenes before an article can be published. These processes lead to having beautifully written articles that reach all colonized people. Even if you’re not sure what you want to do, we will forever want more colonized people in the fold of what Black Hammer Times does.

We have a long revolutionary anti-colonial history as colonized people. Black Hammer Times is The news organ to carry this history for today! Honor the United Negro Improvement Associations Negro World, The Black Panther newspaper, the Young Lord’s newspaper, Cuba’s Granma, China’s Peoples daily, your ancestor’s dreams of liberation to your family, friends, community, and nations!



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