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How did israel and amerikkka blackmail Sudan into paying white people reparations?

by Chief Jihad

The latest zionist-colonial scheme has been to pressure more nations to accept the illegitimate settler state of israel. The latest country to sell out and fall for this scheme was Sudan. It was blackmailed by amerikkkan economic sanctions into paying reparations, pledging submissive allegiance, and accepting israel.

Before white liberals cry “anti-semitism,” israel is not the problem because they’re jewish; Colonized (“people of color”) Jews exists and white supremacist zionism wants you to forget that fact.

israel is a problem because it colonized and robbed Palestinian people of their land under the guise of being “God’s chosen people”  

israel is a problem because it uses amerikkkan support through military funding to continue to colonize Palestine and genocide its inhabitants. 

israel is a problem because it has sent weapons to South Sudan for years under the lie of “agricultrual development” then cries “stop terrorism” after funding it.

israel and its colonial sugar daddy, the united snakkkes, are problems because they continue to leech off the bleeding backs of colonized African nations, and use colonized sellouts to do their dirty work. 

israel is the problem in the Middle East because it is the greatest cause of unrest and violence in the region. israel benefits from colonial white supremacy, as it ignored the plight of every colonized, non-european Jew in the world. 

What has happened?

The Arab world has been in conflict with israel for more than 50 years. If you believe the stories of the bible, then the conflict has spanned centuries of battles about who owns the israeli-Palestinian land. 

After israel’s Six Day War (Arab-israeli conflict 1967) victory against Arab nations of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, Sudan produced the Khartoum Resolution that declared it will never recognize israel. This resolution became famously known as the “Three No’s;” No peace with israel, no recognition of israel, and no negotiation with israel. However, 50 years later, amerikkka has found the right sellout in Sudan that will accept israel as a legitimate state. 

What has changed?

Early this week, Sudan, united snakkkes, and occupying israel produced a normalization deal that would recognize israel as a nation and Sudan would accept complete fault for attacks by al-Queda. This deal is a direct betrayal by colonized sellout Abdalla Hamdok, former united nations economist, who was appointed as Sudan’s Prime Minister after the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in April 2019.

Hamdok has spit in the faces of Africans who fight for true revolution by proudly kneeling before colonialism and accepting fault for an issue funded by israel. 

Knowing that israel sends arms to Africa and that israel uses these same arms to murder our colonized family in Palestine, a true revolutionary would never shake the hands of colonizer devils who threaten our livelihood, but Hamdok has found peace in knowing the u.s. will fill his pockets.

Sudanese people have not been happy with the choices of their new prime minister, considering his negotiations with colonizing nations and betrayal of the Arab world, and attempted his assasination March 2020. 

What is gained from this peace deal with israel?

Like the neocolonial sellout he is, Abdallah Hamdok agreed to pay $335 million to amerikkkan families of those impacted by al-Queda’s attack and recognize israel, which would get Sudan removed from the list of terrorist countries, and get the sanctions against Sudan lifted.

Hamdok made this compromise with Donald Trump and israeli prime minister, Netanyahu to pull the country out of economic isolation, and get on the good side of colonialism. By doing so, Sudan opens itself up for economic funding from the u.s. and israel. 

The same manner in which the UAE recently betrayed Palestine and the Muslim world by normalising relations with israel, is the same way Sudanese sellouts have betrayed us. 

The united snakkkes government refuses to acknowledge, yet alone pay reparations to, continental Africans and Africans in amerikkka who continue to be harmed by the imperialistic tactics of this country. At the same time, the amerikkkan government is all too happy to sanction and blackmail a poor colonized African nation all to further impoverish them and bring them in line.

Sudanese prime minister, chairman, and every other African who chooses to be submissive before colonizers are back-stabbing sellouts to their ancestors who fought for the end of colonialism, fought for the end of israeli occupation in Palestine, and who condemn the tactics of colonizers. 

This negotiation is more than just a “peace” deal, it is the acceptance of genocide of all colonized people by colonizers.


Black Hammer Organization believes the revolution led by poor and working class colonized people will always outrun the neocolonial sellouts and the colonial system that supports them.

Black Hammer Organization stands firmly with the people of Palestine, and will rejoice with our colonized family when poor and working class Palestinian people have full dictatorship over their land. 

We stand with the rebels of Sudan who know building a capitalist relationship with the enemy will not save us from the poverty they created, and we denounce the colonizers who impoverish our countries with sanctions and we denounce the sellout leaders who let the colonizers win!

Black Hammer Organization firmly believes in returning land to its original owners, and decolonizing all parts of us. To make this first step, Black Hammer Organization is building Hammer City and returning the land to its indigenous inhabitants. Only when colonized people have control over their land, lives, labor and resources will we be free from colonialism and all their control.

Free Palestine!

Land back!



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