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Sellouts squirm to amerikkka as neo-colonialism fails worldwide

by Chief Lay

Colonized nations of the world have been winning a lot lately! From the poor and working-class propelling MÁS to win the latest election in Bolivia, to the Hong Kong coup failing, and to Nicolas Maduro beating Guaido and the attempted amerikkkan coup. 

Fulgencio Batista in military garb looking like a colonial dictator
Batista, the Cuban neocolonial leader, was overthrown by Fidel

The settlers of this white power nation always say that this is a melting pot, but how did the u.s. Become a nation of immigrants? Why are there so many rich Cubans in Miami, for example?

The answer is neo-colonialism, the ability for white power colonialism to make traitors out of colonized people through secret means and economic control.

Kwame Nkrumah, the Ghanian revolutionary, defines the term in Neo-colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism:

“The essence of neo-colonialism is that the State which is subject to it is, in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside.”

Sellouts are caused by one thing

Like all issues facing colonized people, the root of this issue goes back to when the europeans came to get a return on their white power investment called colonialism.

Colonizers used the threat of murder and genocide to convince Indigenous leaders to lead their masses to extract resources from their land to export to and build up europe.

Boats brought colonizers and returned with stolen loot to their homelands, all the while assimilating the Indigenous leaders to be just like the savage europeans.

Students pledging allegiance to the American flag with the Bellamy fascist salute.
colonial propaganda

Some colonized people swallowed the propaganda under threat of extermination and studied their oppressors’ colonial-capitalist-imperialist ways, turning themselves into neocolonial sellouts and sacrificing their nation’s poor and working-class colonized people.

Conquistadors made sure to give these submissive sellouts a fraction of their land back to them where they could watch their nation become overrun with settlers and their people die from starvation, pollution, and war.

Nations like Argentina and Colombia became new land for spaniards who could then teach their Indigenous sellouts how to exploit their people just like the most brutal colonizers.

Why do sellouts flee to amerikkka?

When colonized people realize the power is in their unity of action, the sellouts among them are forced to accept that their time of being a neocolonial sellout is over.

In 1958, Fidel Casto and the Colonized working class of Cuba rejected the u.s. puppet leader Batista and made the coward run off to portugal.

Plantation owning cuban sellouts and colonizers also fled the liberated land to Miami.

It was in Miami, on occupied Seminole lands, that colonizers and sellouts like Marco Rubio, who says the sigh of frustration “ayyy yi yi” was created!

Jeanine Áñez holding mic
Jeanine Áñez, neocolonial ex-president who planned the failed coup in Bolivia

In Bolivia, the white-plastic-filled ex-president of Bolivia, jeanine añez whimpered to the u.s. puppet masters for 350 visas so her cabinet of colonizers and sellouts could hide from the indigenous masses by fleeing to amerikkka.

In Hong Kong, the united dingdom held the Chinese working people hostage to colonialism-capitalism-imperialism. Since the People’s Republic of China was finally able to regain control and decolonize Hong Kong, colonizers from amerikkka are now trying to reverse history.

As u.s. is waging economic and media wars against the People’s Republic of China, the neocolonial-capitalists of Hong Kong are banking on trump to offer them refugee status for being accused of their crimes against the working poor.

How to stop sellouts

Marco rubio looking like a clown with a mic in his hand.
Marco Rubio, Cuban sellout, scared at the unity of colonized people

The solution for Colonized people in this nation is to create our own dual power system, which makes our colonizers and sellouts scared to keep parasites in our communities. 

Indigenous working people will rebuild their power in Hammer City by building a city with no rent, no police, no coronavirus, and NO COLONIZERS. In Hammer City, like all decolonized places, it’s the poor and working-class colonized people who will have power, not the colonizers, and not the neocolonial sellouts!

We will draw a line in the sand and let the sellouts commit class suicide to kill the colonizer in their heads and strike fear in the hearts of settler-colonizers. This means no more luxury european clothes, no more luxury european cars, and no more making a profit from selling out your colonized nation!

Black Hammer is fighting against colonialism and neocolonialism, using our third Principle of Unity. We are building Hammer Cities to unite the colonized proletariat and overturn the colonizer class! We will rebuild our Colonized nations with full control over our land, labor, lives, and resources!

Land Back!

map of turtle island with indigenous flags and text saying Revolution


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