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Is Kim Kardashian a Person of Color?

By Chief Ali

Is she a person of color? Does it matter? Not really, but here’s why:

Kim Kardashian West has a mix of colonizer ancestry on her mother’s side: Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish, and on her father’s side she has Armenian ancestry.

This means the question boils down to “Are Armenians people of color?” But we shouldn’t ask this question in the first place! 

Figuring out ‘who is’ or ‘what is’ Kim Kardashian is harder than it might seem. Why do we want to know if she’s a person of color? 

Do we want to know if she’s oppressed? If so, there’s a better question we should ask… Is she Colonized?

Kardashian History

She, like others in the Kardashian family, try to appear darker than they actually are due to what some describe as “blackfishing,” or trying to be darker-skinned and seem African.

Kim Kardashian's hands -- one tan with makeup, the other one pale and pink

Kim’s “blackfishing” is looting the culture of African people to enrich herself, while never actually taking material steps to end the struggles of Africans who are poor and working class.

Maybe if we look back toward where Armenia is, that’ll tell us if she’s a person of color.

Globe showing armenia
Armenia between “europe” and “asia”

Armenia is a small country located on the land between Europe and Asia, situated in the Caucus mountains. It shares borders with Iran, and Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The people might be very light-skinned, and some are dark-skinned.

Map of armenia and its neighbors
Armenia and its neighbors

Unfortunately, when it comes to Kim Kardashian it looks like we can’t use ancestry or skin color to determine if she’s a person of color because being Armenian is primarily a geographic location and not a specific skin color, ethnicity, or race.

What does it mean to be white?

African socialist Teresa Guess explains whiteness in her text “The Social Construction of Whiteness: Racism by Intent, Racism by Consequence” on page 669 using the Race Traitor journal’s four points:

1. the ‘white race’ is not a natural but historical category; second, that what was historically constructed can be undone.

2. The white race is like a private club, which grants privileges to certain people in return for obedience to its rules.

3. The rules of the white club do not require that all members be strong advocates of white supremacy, merely that they defer to the prejudices of others. The need to maintain racial solidarity imposes a stifling conformity on whites, on any subject touching even remotely on race.

4. It is based on one huge assumption: that all those who look white are, whatever their complaints or reservations, fundamentally loyal to it.

But this is exactly why the term “people of color” is vague and made by colonizers! It only lets us analyze things in terms of appearance, not in terms of material reality ­such as economics or history. 

How can we analyze whether someone comes from an oppressed nation? Is there a better term? There is!

Instead of looking at our skin color like we’re pilgrims and conquistadors, we should look to see our peoples’ history! “Colonized people” acknowledges our history of colonization which comes down to being looted and polluted!

This is why Black Hammer says the root issue worldwide is colonialism. We can judge everything, and everyone, based on where they stand on the question of colonialism.

Trump and Kim sitting in the oval office

Armenian history

Armenia used to be part of the Ottoman Empire until World War I, and afterward, it was part of the Soviet Union, united against imperialism, a symptom of colonialism. 

After the Soviet Union fell apart Armenian leaders soldout to get wealthy from colonized people but the people lived better when it was struggling against white power!

Since then, Armenia has been in a state of unending conflict with its neighbors. Recent fights restarted with its neighbor Azerbaijan (also an ex-Soviet Socialist Republic) in order to control disputed land.

Kim Kardashian has taken to her social media to condemn Azerbaijan for the conflict, but Armenia is no victim either! Both Azerbaijan and Armenia have given up anti-imperialism to work with colonialism hand in hand with NATO’s neocolonial “Partnership for Peace” military program, being a proxy fighter in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Armenian army with u.s. flag in occupied Iraq

Some places in the world have never been officially colonized, yet they choose the side of genociders and looters of our nations.

These sellout leaders fill their own pockets and keep their people submissive to the destruction of their 

Sellouts are sellouts, Period

It’s no wonder that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get along so well.

Sellouts have a “Make money” mindset, and it pushes Kim and Kanye do things like rent an entire island for a luxury birthday party, and ignore thousands of Armenians killed in the conflict with Azerbaijan, and ignore thousands of Africans killed by cops and coronavirus in the united snakkkes.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether Kim Kardashian West is brown or beige and it doesn’t matter whether she’s a “person of color.” Either way, she’s a sellout making riches on top of amerikkkan colonialism, and she represents a neocolonial nation that is killing and trying to do the same.

To poor and working class colonized people worldwide, and to Armenians who are trying to improve their lives too, understand that colonialism is the root issue to all problems, poverty and violence! 

Unity with Black Hammer’s line and leadership can defeat colonialism and its offspring: racism, capitalism, and imperialism!

We are building self-governance for colonized poor and working people to rebuild a world where nobody lives at the expense of another.

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