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Colonialism necessitates liberalism

By comrade Yuri

“There is a war going on inside you right now. Between the old reactionary you and the new revolutionary you. Make sure the new you wins. “ -Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo

The smartest thing that white power colonialism did was to convince us colonized people to attack each other rather than our enemy. This is the effect of liberalism.

Colonized revolutionaries throughout the Black Hammer Organization hold the position of Chief of Black Hammer. Chiefs are the dedicated Hammers who have shown their dedication to the liberation of all Colonized people.

Colonized revolutionary leadership comes from unity with Black Hammer’s Four Principles of Unity: Colonized Dictatorship, Colonized equality, Anti-colonizer, and Colonized Leadership in the revolution. 

Liberalism is a method of division placed upon us by colonialism, because when colonized people are united and organized, our liberation is unstoppable. In simple words, liberalism is when you choose the wrong way (colonial path) while knowing the right way. 

So here are four ways why liberalism erodes revolution, and why colonialism requires liberalism. 

Liberalism sows distrust in leaders and yourself. 

As an organization, we are made up of the many sectors, made-up divisions, nations, and communities that make up the colonized of the world. We have members that are struggling with all manner of colonial contradictions. 

We are taught to attack our own leadership from the moment we taught by white power society. We are miseducated that europe brought progress while the system is set up at the expense of all Colonized people around the world. 

Remove this poison from your head! Liberalism is the reason that colonialism, the OG fascism, has continued for over 500 years. 

As individuals, and sometimes even as chapters or committees, we must reject liberalism that is not natural to our people. Our dictatorship must be unified and organized so that we can trust it to build the new indigenous socialist world. 

Trust criticism, trust unity, trust your leadership, and trust yourselves! 

Liberalism focuses on our skin color, not our colonization. 

Originally in Kelly Miller’s History of the World War for Human Rights, originally published in 1919 by A. Jenkins and O. Keller.

Colonialism split us up and created color and racial divisions to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. This truth manifests itself in tribalism, gang battles, wars between nations and other forms of disunity. 

When we say “colonized people” instead of the liberal term “people of color”, we acknowledge our history, not just our skin color.

We must understand that liberalism is the mayflower slaver inside us that tempts us to choose the colony over revolution. Liberalism is the poison we feed ourselves, the dope that’s been pumped into our communities for so long that at times it feels wrong to fight it. 

So we must trust and unite with our brothers, sisters, and siblings of all nations of all locations, of all physiques, and of all mentalities and unite on the material basis of our shared enemy: colonialism.

We must remember that colonialism necessitates liberalism. That is to say, colonialism requires us, colonized people, to do the dirty work for it and keep us disunited.

Colonized people Unite! 

Liberalism makes us a willing enemy of our nations. 

Chuck Kennedy – P091009CK-0040.jpg on The Official White House Photostream

Our schools encourage us to be individualistic, narcissistic and selfish. They convince us that the truest freedom comes from being able to take care of yourself, and to prioritize yourself. 

Colonialism keeps us divided with liberalism. This liberalism is placed upon us, and like a drug it makes us dependent on it. 

It is natural to want liberation, and unnatural to support white power. But still some of our comrades, and even ourselves, often find that we are fighting a battle within: the battle between the reactionary liberal and the revolutionary.

The security, satisfaction, or short term achievement will never be worth selling out the liberation of our people. The liberal colonizers will drone, execute, and kidnap to stop revolution. 

Liberalism will tell you to abandon your post, at the expense of your comrades, of your leaders, of your people. Liberalism will tell you that the short term is more important than the long term, that temporary security or satisfaction are more important than anticolonial revolution. 

The colonial job that supports you and your family will only lead to another week of meals and nothing more. Colonial jobs will work you to death, keeping you distracted from your own liberation.

Abandon the colony which leaves you weak and tricks you into believing that it’s good for you! Call out the sellouts and their puppeteers for what they are! 

Down with the white power upon our land! Up with Black Power to get out Land Back! 

Liberalism drains your confidence but revolution is full of hope

We are not free, if we do not have our humanity. Our humanity was so grand and powerful that it was stolen from us by force. Only by that of greater or equal force, will we once again have our dignity, our humanity, our self determination. We must have revolution. We must have unity in the process of our liberation.

Liberalism is a lie we have been forced to tell ourselves over and over again: that there is no place for us in this white power system, except as loot. We must rid ourselves and our people of the poison of liberalism, the poison of white power, to bring about the great change from an exploitative, vile system to a cooperative anticolonial system.

The war that Commander in Chief Gazi spoke about in the quote at the beginning is happening to all of us: “There is a war going on inside you right now. Between the old reactionary you and the new revolutionary you. Make sure the new you wins.”

The collective is struggling between the old reactionary views and the new revolutionary views. Strengthen us and yourself by uniting with the largest anti-colonial organization in history because we must assure that the new world wins!

Reject liberalism!

Unite under Colonized leadership!

Land back!



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