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5 ways The Black Hammer Times is YOUR tool for decolonization

by Comrade Cheem and Chief Ali

Did you know that The Black Hammer Times (BHT) is a little over 5 months old? The modern iteration of BHT was announced on International Worker’s Day 2020:

BHO is an organization comprised of all colonized nations united as one, with the task of overturning this white power, colonial-capitalist system and building a liberated, socialist world where no one lives at the expense of another.

As the BHT, it is our job to provide the truth and contend with the white power, false narrative at every turn, reviving the revolutionary fervor in every colonized community on the face of the planet.

Since then we’ve been dropping daily anti-colonial revolutionary news guided by Black Hammer Organization’s Four Principles of Unity

We invite you to rely on The Black Hammer Times for keeping up with current events, we invite you to rely on us for spreading awareness about what your communities are facing, and we invite you to join Black Hammer Organization and join The Black Hammer Times committee!

As we continue this path and grow stronger, here are 5 ways why The Black Hammer Times is YOUR tool for liberation.

1. By and for working class colonized People

BHT is made up of working class colonized folks who work together to make a dual-contending anticolonial news outlet. The mainstream media is flooded with biased news outlets that tell the same stories over and over again. 

colonized farm worker and drive through worker

Here at BHT, we have at our very core the interests of our people involved. The interests of the working class colonized proletariat do not align with the conventional garbage shown on TV/Radio. 

Comrades from all around the world participate and create articles that represent and protect our actual material interests, not those of the colonizer class. 

2. Grounded in the community 

Every single member of Black Hammer and BHT has a story to tell and a community to represent. More than that, with the ongoing #HammersInYoHood campaign, we’re mobilizing the entire organization to distribute lifesaving masks, food, and clothes to our poor & working class colonized communities. At the same time, we’ve been listening to the needs of our communities and using that to drive our reporting and our work.

With that said these phony local news outlets could not care less about us colonized people. What these local news outlets want to do is divert your attention away from the true nature of the problems at hand, bombarding us with “bad” news and numbing our outrage with local feel-good stories. 

Again we must stress the fact that these news outlets are owned and operated by the colonizer class. This is no longer a secret but instead common knowledge. 

It is a well-known fact that many of our news outlets are controlled and bought by corporations who have a vested interest in keeping their plantation workers ignorant to the truth around them. 

We invite and encourage all of our members to submit ideas for local stories that pertain to their place of living. 

3. The only worldwide anticolonial news source

Every well-known news source — from NBC to FOX News — has a political agenda attached to them. These agendas work to divide the colonized proletariat through false information and repeated racial biases. 

While there are independent news/media sources, not many speak on the land question or colonialism — even liberal news sources which paint themselves as progressives who are “trying to change the system by speaking truth to power” help this white supremacist colonial system by telling their viewers that if we truly want change we must vote. 

At Black Hammer, we recognize that voting in a sham colonial system is NOT the solution to all the problems we working class people face. In fact, telling an indigenous person of this land to vote is one of the, if not highest, forms of disrespect there is

4. We’re honest about our bias

BHT openly maintains its bias, that bias being for the working class colonized people, in the interest of our liberation and self determination.

When we flip on the television to watch whatever fumbled trash is being told, that narrative belongs to and serves the white whipping class colonizers.

This same narrative has been fed to us for far too long so we’ve decided to take that power back. 

We emphasize that the core contradiction that affects us on a day to day basis is colonialism. We share our news keeping in mind The Four Principles of Unity which guide everything that we do.

5. Open for contributions and reporting what you want to hear

We build our articles for you to reveal the colonial contradictions in your lives, jobs, and nations!


Colonialism is a worldwide system and it stays in our minds, communities, and land, and so we rely on the material history of Colonized people’s struggles rather than single individuals and narrow moments. 

We have created a system so that you can contribute any story, history, poetry, opinion, and writing to be transformed into revolutionary mass education! 

You can overturn the colonial contradiction of knowledge with your article so colonized people are ready to fight and defend liberation after reading it. 

Send the newest BHT article to us at [email protected] and we will share the revolutionary wisdom with the masses! 

As one of the pillars of the agitprop department of Black Hammer, The Black Hammer Times, is important to the education and unity of our poor and working class colonized communities! If you are interested in writing, reporting, current or historical events, and liberating colonized people, join Black Hammer Organization and join The Black Hammer Times!

Land back!

map of turtle island with indigenous flags and text saying Revolution


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