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4 crimes of amerikkkan colonialism you were never taught

by Chief Saint

In the midst of the revolution, colonized people have started to regain the self-determination that colonialism strips away. 

The imperial core works hard to destroy that unity by rewriting the truth about crimes they commit against colonized people. 

The Black Hammer Times is committed to revealing every truth about this failed colonial state until every colonized human is free and their land returned. As servants of the people, we bring you a list of 4 little-known ways amerikkka has lied, cheated, and stolen from colonized people.

1. The ruins of Seneca Village were rebuilt as Central Park

Before there was central park there was Seneca Village. As New York transformed slavery, the African community grew. 

Much like the progress of Tulsa, when African people began to thrive through self-determination, white rage grew because, in their deep colonizer mindset, they saw their true inferiority and weren’t able to exploit the colonized Africans. 

When lower Manhattan became too dangerous, an African man, Andrew Williams, began the creation of the Seneca Village community — now 82nd to 89th street.

map of seneca village
map of Seneca Village

The promise of self determination without white violence grew as more people thrived with the  choice to vote as landowners, teach as school teachers, and preach as church goers. 

Central Park’s construction came as a direct attack on the African people of Seneca Village. 

Based on the european homeland, New York colonizers schemed to humiliate this proud community.

Colonizers lied about the colonized Africans who lived there and created a narrative of poverty, squatting, and filth. 

Once the colonizers voted to build the park, eviction notices went out to destroy Seneca Village. 

2. The stealing of Indigenous children

Yes, Indigenous children are actually being stolen by colonizers! 

All colonized Indigenous people have a story about how they have had their rights taken away from them, but, like amerikkkas war crimes, it goes deeper than just losing rights. 

The best way to harm a people is to target their children, their future. amerikkka did just that by absorbing and assimilating, as the board of Indian commissioners publicly admitted. 

Richard Henry Pratt ran an assimilation experiment that led to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in 1879, the first assimilation camp that stripped away their centuries-old culture. 

This sickening assimilation involved forcibly taking children from their parents to be thrown through the injustice system and placed in these schools, whose motto became “Save the man, Kill the Indian.”

“At the age of eleven years, ancestral life for me and my people was most abruptly ended without regard for our wishes, comforts, or rights in the matter. At once I was thrust into an alien world, into an environment as different from the one into which I had been born as it is possible to imagine, to remake myself, if I could, into the likeness of the invader

At Carlisle … the “civilizing” process began. It began with clothes. Never, no matter what our philosophy or spiritual quality, could we be civilized while wearing the moccasin and blanket. 

We should have thrived. But the change in clothing, housing, food, and confinement combined with lonesomeness was too much, and in three years nearly one half of the children from the Plains were dead and through with all earthly schools. In the graveyard at Carlisle most of the graves are those of the little ones.”

Luther Standing Bear- Lakota Tribe, Land of the Spotted Eagle, 1933

3. The demolishment of Filipino communities

August 4, 1977 100s of riot police marched through a community of Filipino people, near an international hotel, and cleansed the land and housing of struggling, colonized Filipinos through evictions. This was a place Filipino men found refuge in during their forced migration to the united snakkes for slave labor. 

Gentrification is extremely violent, and this history has been left out of the history of liberal San Francisco. 

An actual battle of colonizers and the colonized began when Filipinos were fed up with jumping through hoops for the injustice system. 

Many men were displaced, left to struggle for survival, and die at the hands of segregation and pig violence. 

4. Gasoline baths of Mexico

The tension at the border between the united snakes and Mexico is a huge topic in imperialist politics, and it’s genocidal history is hidden in the shadows. 

The systems of colonialism used on the Indigenous people of Mexico were so effective that it was studied by the third reich for the holocaust. 

The amerikkkan government pushed the fear of Indigenous invaders carrying lice into the media, but the true aims were shown as the plans for eugenics were executed.

Colonial race science was used to organize people by intelligence and health. 

Based on this fear and disgust, Zyklon B, DDT pesticides, and other chemicals were sprayed “delouse” hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people coming over the border. 

The amerikkkan settlers looted more resources from the colonized, closed the borders, and forced the Indigenous workers to bathe in bleach and other harsh chemicals. 

How to move forward

We must have this material history of genocide and displacement at the front of our minds as colonized people. 

We can’t afford to live with idealistic notions of harmless Europeans on Turtle Island and Pachamama that were taught by our oppressors. 

With this reality we are able to organize and lead our vulnerable masses into overturning this sick, filthy, and genocidal system known as colonialism-capitalism-imperialism. 

The first step to overturning the evictions, landlessness, and disunity of colonized people is to use collective economics to buy land and protect it collectively. 

Black Hammer Organization is dedicated to building a future for Colonized people by creating a culture of security and teaching self determination where no one lives at the expense of others. 

Hammer City and the work of our Indigenous Land Liberators are working to build a reality where the masses can control their lives, labor, lands, and resources. 

There will be no rent to pay, no cops to hide from, no Coronavirus to catch, and no colonizers to fear. 

We are building schools, farms, healthcare, everything needed for a dignified life for colonized working people! 

Land Back! 

map of turtle island with indigenous flags and text saying Revolution


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