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Californian Ku Klux Karen Evicts Comrade

by Comrade Cheem

California-The ongoing pandemic, which has taken nearly 216,000 lives at the time of writing, has shown no mercy towards the colonized working class whose labor has acted as insurance on the failing colonial state. As if this weren’t enough, the West Coast has been dealing with relentless wildfires due to climate change, and now evictions are coming back too.

To add salt onto the 500-year-old gash, there exists a loophole within the “eviction moratorium” in California which has allowed for pig departments statewide to decide whether or not to evict a tenant. 

Landlords are also going as far as locking tenants out from their apartments, with LA to have an estimated 495,000 at risk of eviction and 1,600 Californians having already been evicted since September 16th of this year. But to be honest and candid, there are many more people than that at risk. 

via Flickr/ Anthony Citrano

Two years earlier, Ventura and San Bernardino county experienced the largest wildfire in California’s history (at the time) which consumed 281,893 acres by the time it was contained. 

Chief Solimar of the California Chapter and Chief of the Ventura/Oxnard unit has experienced the brunt end of the symptoms this colonial system has brought upon us. Her housing situation took a turn for the worse when her colonizer landlord, who she’s kept safe from the virus with constant sanitization of the household since the beginning of the pandemic, decided to evict her after intruding on a weekly chapter meeting. 

You can watch Chief Solimar guest star on Chief Afeni’s show Go Awf Sis! where she goes into further details about the traumatic event here.

via 70023venus2009

Worsening this already too heavy burden is the fact that this liberal Klu Klux Karen parades herself as someone who fights for “equality, peace, and justice”.

This liberal colonizer blatantly and without shame told Chief Solimar that her own contradiction is that “I’m not leaving this land because this is where I live” which pretty much sums up the whole of colonialism. The colonizer continued to insult Chief Solimar by telling her to “go back to your land in Mexico [if you want to solve the contradiction so bad]”. 

It is high time we recognize that these rent moratoriums and any laws, legislation, or statutes put forward by this settler-colonial state are by default illegitimate. This country, whose construction and birth came from the backs of Africans and the genocide of the Indigenous peoples, has no right whatsoever to decide whether or not to evict an individual, especially when that individual is an Indigenous person. 

via vagabond Beaumont

To this day, Indigenous peoples are fighting tooth and nail to be heard, for their land, and most importantly to survive. It has always been and will continue to be the colonized working-class proletariat who faces the short end of the stick so long as we allow for the neocolonial system to perpetuate its non-stop violence and pillaging. 

That’s why Black Hammer is building self-determination with Hammer City. Shedding the parasitic system by which European/White countries continue to exploit the global south to the brink of eco-genocide, Hammer City will have no pigs, Coronavirus, or rent! 

Join the revolution today and take part in the construction of Hammer City to finally do away with this illegal colonial state we call the United Snakes!



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