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MÁS wins! Bolivia says “Bye bye” to presidential puppets

by Chief Ali

Bolivia – The much-anticipated election results for the presidency were just announced. The Movimiento al Socialismo (MÁS), the indigenous socialist party in Bolivia secured a huge win despite a right-wing coup that had controlled the government for months.

Colonizers and their submissive neocolonial sellouts are furious that even after forcing Evo Morales into exile, with the support of amerikkkan white power, it wasn’t enough to keep control over the state.

MAS logo

Colonialism and white power are clearly in decay. After decades of corruption, laziness, and greed, amerikkka isn’t able to keep control after a coup. The neocolonial sellout they installed, Jeanine Áñez did so bad in the elections that she dropped out of the election. Ultimately, the MÁS candidate Luis Arce, won.

Just like the poor & working-class colonized of people in Venezuela were able to defend against an amerikkkan coup, the masses in Bolivia are standing up to u.s. colonization and imperialism, and because electoral power is fleeting, it’s the victory of the colonized masses using their power which we celebrate most.

Starting in November 10, 2019, amerikkkan-backed conservative militia groups were able to seize control over the government and pushed out the socialist Evo Morales by November of last year.

Evo Morales with wiphala flag and indigenous person in background
Indigenous ex-President Evo Morales — photo by Sebastian Baryli

Colonial powers continually try to take over our lives, land, labor, and resources. In particular, Bolivia is rich in Lithium, which is an essential material that that is looted by u.s. Companies for rechargeable batteries in phones, computers, electric cars, and more.

White nationalist Elon Musk, who’s family wealth may come from blood emerald mines in Azania (occupied South Africa), is the CEO of the Tesla car company. He even bragged that “we’ll coup whoever we want.” Well, Elon, looks like the colonized people are fighting back.

man waving wiphala flag
The Wiphala flag represents the Indigenous people and was made the dual flag of Bolivia by Evo Morales.

Not only is the southern Turtle Island known for colonized working-class people fighting back with revolutionary war, but it’s also known for using elections to gain control. In Cuba, the revolutionary struggle won, but in Colombia, higher levels of struggle are needed.

In Venezuela, the socialist electoral route has been able to so fend off attacks from colonizers so far. In Chile, elected socialists was easily overthrown by amerikkkan forces.

Either way, as long as the MÁS has the support of the colonized working masses, the country’s socialist project will be sure to succeed against all colonial attacks.

Colonizers will continue to fight the poor & working-class unity that builds our dictatorship over our land, lives, labor, and resources. But we got the numbers! We just need education and organization to win our Land Back!

Black Hammer stands in full unity with the Indigenous nations of Turtle Island that create the mass movements to build Colonized power!

One step at a time we make revolution a reality and we stay winning!

Viva MAS!

Viva Evo!

Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana!

map of turtle island with indigenous flags and text saying Revolution

Feature image photo credit: Brasil de Fato



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