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A letter to the late Thomas Sankara

By Comrade DK

In October 1987, the world lost Thomas Sankara, the anticolonial pan-Africanist revolutionary leader of Burkina Faso. On this anniversary, The Black Hammer Times commemorates his legacy of empowering poor and working class Africans and giving them the strength to stand upright with the self-determination that all colonized people deserve.

Thomas Sankara,

This is a letter from a comrade in the future, Dong Wook. Your actions and revolutionary words have sparked embers into the souls of the colonized for generations and is burning within us to this day. I admire your ability to gain such power in the community, yet realize that the power always truly resides within the people.

While leading Burkina Faso, you organized an army of African women, placed African women at the front of the revolution, and ended policies that harm them, like female genital mutilation and forced marriages. This is an achievement few people are able to claim in their lifetimes.

Comrade Sankara, our world today is in need of the leadership you once brought to an unorganized people. As a member of Black Hammer Organization, we unite in your same beliefs that Colonized workers should have full control over our lives, labor, land, and resources.

Struggles in our nation built on the debt of bloodshed are things that can only be repaid by the immediate return of our land from the colonizers, who continue to divide, conquer and enslave the colonized workers and Indigenous people of the united snakkkes.

I have every intention of getting this land back to its native stewards, not only here in the u.s., but in my homeland of Korea, in our siblings’ land in Palestine, and to continue until all land is back with who it truly belongs.

We must stay united, organized, and educate our youth so they are prepared with the armour of anticolonial resistance. You have paved the path for us with your blood, comrade. 

The Indigenous, and Colonized workers thank you for what you have done to prepare us this far. We will take your rifle from here, so the battle continues towards the liberation of all Colonized people.

Land Back! 

-Sincerely Dong Wook, Comrade DK



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