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Why I joined Black Hammer Organization

By: Chief Jihad

Growing up I was taught that when we are born, our destinies have been predetermined, decided by some greater force in the universe. Through life’s experiences, I learned this isn’t entirely true. 

I was born a revolutionary because I knew that my mom’s alcoholism and my biological father’s struggle with crack addiction wasn’t a real choice. Just a way to cope with the pains of a racist foster care system that abuses colonized children as the first step before fast genocide. 

I was born a revolutionary because as I walked Martin Luther King Boulevard, on my way to grade school, I knew the neighborhood rivals of bloods and crips wasn’t there because African people are naturally violent.

The school and media programmed this attitude into me, to hide the fact when losing looted resources crimes like theft develop. 

I was born a revolutionary because I knew that the white colonizing class was more dangerous to me than any gang member would ever be because it is the white colonizing class that kidnaps, rapes, loots, and murders the colonized to fatten their pockets. 

Walking to school down Martin Luther King boulevard I knew that the most dangerous force determining my life as a child was the government. I knew our conditions weren’t by accident and questioned why we lived in poverty, so I decided this was not the future I wanted for my family. 

My grandfather served my life in a way that would open my mind to knowledge a colonial system would prefer to hide. My grandfather bought me my first set of encyclopedias in primary school and called me every day so I’d read them and learn what wasn’t taught. My stepfather, who I call dad because he raised me from a toddler, would bring bags of used books he found at the Fleamarket. 

I believed in revolution before I knew what revolution was. While colonizers can hide from the system, my true freedom was found in my belief in revolution. 

The environment, our communities, ideologies we are taught, and people we are connected to, change us, whether positive or negative, and it’s our choice to unlearn the colonialism and learn what sharpens our dictatorship over our lives: This is historical dialectical materialism.

I was born a revolutionary, but I needed to be organized. 

I listened to speeches of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Kwame Ture, Angela Davis, Barbara Jordan, and while listening to those speeches, the Youtube algorithm included the videos of Gazi Kodzo. I listened to Gazi for years, in agreement with their philosophies, while laughing at their sharp jokes. I followed their departure from the previous organization and proudly watched them build their own organization. 

When Black Hammer Organization was finally public, I read the Four Principles of Unity with pride, because never before had something fully encompassed my beliefs. 

The first and second principles of unity were the first reasons I knew I had to join. These principles stand at the height of basic human decency. Colonized people should have dictatorship over their lives, and all colonized people are equal. I believe in my heart that anyone who disagrees with the first two principles, are white supremacists. 

The third and fourth principles of unity are lessons I learned throughout my life. The root of our problems are from colonialism, and the only way to truly attain the first and second principles of unity are to end colonialism and its symptoms of capitalism, imperialism, and white power. 

I joined Black Hammer Organization because the revolution can not be won without the organization of the colonized poor and working people. 

If you are ready to have dictatorship over your life, land, and resources, you need to join Black Hammer!

If you believe all colonized people are equal, no matter their multiracial identity, sex, gender, age, religion, abilities, or anything that makes us different, you need to join Black Hammer!

If you are tired of living in a white supremacist system, fighting a constant battle as a wage slave, you need to join Black Hammer!

If you are tired of a political system lying to you about protecting your needs, you need to join Black Hammer!

If you are colonized, anywhere in the world, YOU NEED TO JOIN BLACK HAMMER ORGANIZATION!



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