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Pope enrages Catholics by slamming capitalism, but what’s he hiding?

Written by Chief Lay

The settler Argentine, Pope Francis, published an encyclical (an official statement) that included a condemnation of the “neoliberal faith” of big business that murdered one million people globally due to the colonial coronavirus catastrophe.

The marketplace, by itself, cannot resolve every problem, however much we are asked to believe this dogma of neoliberal faith. Whatever the challenge, this impoverished and repetitive school of thought always offers the same recipes. Neoliberalism simply reproduces itself by resorting to the magic theories of “spillover” or “trickle” – without using the name – as the only solution to societal problems. There is little appreciation of the fact that the alleged “spillover” does not resolve the inequality that gives rise to new forms of violence threatening the fabric of society. – Pope Francis in the encyclical, Fratelli Tutti

If you think Pope Francis is too much of a left-wing radical, don’t worry, he’s no anti-colonial revolutionary. This pope and the church have kept the same practices it always has: covering up the catholic abuses like rape of children, bribery, homophobia, and racial oppression.

Last year Pope Francis admitted there was a problem with sexual abuse of children in the church, but this is too little too late!! His Vatican city cronies aren’t saving the children any more than ICE saves children; it’s nothing but more traumatic colonial violence.

So while Pope Francis can weakly point out some issues with global capitalism, he will never address the root problem, colonialism, because that would implicate himself and the church! The effect of Catholic churches’ colonial control of the Americas and Caribbean, is still seen today with abandoned missions and many colonized people still practicing the faith.

Colonized people will always decolonize the religion, no matter its origins. The colonized masses lead the way: even if Catholicism isn’t going anywhere, colonialism is on it’s way out.

Colonizers who practice catholicism know its violent colonial roots well-but despite their forcing African, Indigenous, and colonized people to convert, we were always clever enough to blend and mask our traditional religion with theirs to serve our own needs.

Afro-Cubans used their Yoruban spirituality to create Santeria, Colonized Colombians made priests into revolutionaries with “liberation theology”, and Africans worldwide link their faith to the struggle against colonialism.

With this understanding that religion can be decolonized, we must not antagonize our siblings of any faith. Colonized people of all faiths are equal, and despite our many beliefs, we can be united in fighting for the control of our land, labor, lives, and resources.

The colonizers have always used religion as an excuse to not extend kinship with the colonized masses of the world. Our history proves it was and is a means of resistance, expression, and spirituality against their colonial violence. We must unite with all of our faiths, and native rituals that tie us to the land and our community.

This pope is working double-time to make catholicism current with the crumbling white power state. 

His Disney villain mug is grooming a whole generation of catholics into following Bernie neo liberal destruction — being nice to savage European looters who are doing too little too late. 

It’s the duty of revolutionaries like us to make it clear to our colonized religious and spiritual working people that colonizers are destroying the earth and the stewards of the earth, the Native people of the world.

Religion without political education serves the colonizer, and political education without a spiritual component is not complete. 

Revolution must be a complete servant of the people. This global struggle will unite the spirituality of all Native colonized people of this world. We must transfer our spiritual love into building a harmonious world where nobody lives at the expense of another.

Colonized people’s soul can and will be liberated through revolution.

Land back!

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