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The Border Dispute Between China and India

Written by BHT staff

June 15, 2020, a clash of sticks and clubs broke out in the western border between India and China, leaving 20 soldiers in the Indian army dead and 76 wounded. 

September 2020, China accused Indian troops of crossing over to Chinese controlled territory and firing warning shots. India has declined these accusations and claims that it was Chinese troops that fired shots first. 

This is the first time since their 1996 agreement that gunfire has been used in the Himalayan border dispute.

There is tension in the India/China border, but why should Colonized people care?

India and China have a combined population of almost 3 billion people. Moreover, the long term conflict came from borders enforced by British colonizers when India gained independence from them in 1947. The border resulted from retaliation by British colonizers.

When the British colonizers lost against the United Revolutionary Army of Colonized Indians they drew up borders through Kashmir. Currently, parts of Kashmir are governed by India, Pakistan and China, but the people of Kashmir are one.

As the India/China relationship worsens, the u.s. has been improving its ties with India by supplying the Indian military with american nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The u.s. trade with India has also been on the increase. Contrast that with the u.s. embargo on Cuba due to “human rights violations.” 

The sell-out ruling party in India, the BJP party has been perpetrating a war on the people of Kashmir throughout 2019, maintaining military occupation and stripping the working class of its citizenship. 

The u.s. spread false propaganda against China on their treatment of Uyghur Muslims, but why don’t they care about the Muslims in Kashmir?

Why is the u.s. helping the Indian military, and increasing its trade with India, when human rights are increasingly being violated by the Indian government? 

The truth is, the u.s. has never cared for, nor will ever care for, the Colonized working class. The wealth of the colonizers continue to be built on our backs. The u.s. economy depends on the brutal treatment, and looting of our people.

The u.s. will support any economy that furthers its plans to loot, like the ruling government in India, and will wage economic wars on nations that fight for the liberation of the Colonized working class. 

Black Hammer combats the issue of sell-out nations, ethnic/national divides, and conquer strategies with our second and third Principles of Unity

All of our problems come from colonizers and the submissive colonized sell-outs. 

All colonized working class people are equal, regardless of our gender, sexuality, age, body type, location, religion, language, mental/physical differences and/or bi/multiracial identity. 

With our broad unity, and clear enemies, the colonized masses can overturn these contradictions that colonizers from the us, and British empire, force upon us. 

Hammer City will always be a place where ALL colonized people are united around our principles, and can live in security and dignity. 

Land Back!



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