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Get off the stolen land, white people!

by Chief Lay and Chief Ali

Creating space without colonizers is like separating oil and water; like removing a parasite from your body.

Florida, u.s. — Poor and working class colonized people (people of color) coming together to build Hammer City, a home for all colonized people around the world.

The first Hammer City will be built on Turtle Island in the state of Florida. The Constitution of Hammer City reads, “As people of Turtle Island and her sisters, invaded by the white settlers; we know that we must unite against our common enemy, the colonizer.”

For these reasons, Black Hammer Organization doesn’t include colonizers as members, and they will be excluded from Hammer City.

White people may be oppressed but they are not colonized

The struggle of us landless and colonized working class people to survive in this world requires solutions to meet our immediate needs of food, shelter, and housing. With Hammer City, we are ready to put our principles into action: that the Colonized Proletariat should have dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, and resources.

The presence of white people in the u.s. is a result of colonial theft, and it works to protect a murderous system that was built for their benefit. 

With colonized Africans stolen for labor, and native stewards of Turtle Island killed in the name of the alien’s destiny, white occupation is the root of the amerikkkan empire.

To have members of the oppressor class in a liberated territory cannot exist except in struggle and warfare. Which is why, once the root issue of colonialism is addressed, all things that grew from it — gendered violence, eugenic science, police brutality, miseducation, and other symptoms — will wither away.

Trinidad-born American black activist Stokely Carmichael (1941 - 1998, later Kwame Ture) giving a speech, circa 1974.

The famed African revolutionary, Kwame Ture once explained,

“Poor white people are not fighting for their humanity, they’re fighting for more money. There are a lot of poor white people in this country you ain’t seen none of em rebel yet, have you? Why is it that black people are rebelling? Do you think it’s because it’s just poor jobs? Don’t believe that junk that the honkey is running down. It’s not poor jobs, it’s a question of people finding their culture, their nature, they’re fighting for their humanity.”

With these truths propelling the Black Hammer Organization forward, the Indigenous people of Hammer City: Turtle Island will build a micronation where the symptoms of colonialism are smashed.

In the words of the Land Liberators

Hammer City will always be under the direction of the rightful stewards of the land. This group of revolutionary Indigenous people is called the Land Liberators.

In their own words, the Land Liberators of Turtle Island teach that as long as there is colonialism and colonizers, liberation for humanity will be impossible.

Chief Dominic, talked about pre-colonial political ideologies, and how people lived amongst each other in relative peace before colonization. 

A poem by the Mvskoke Cree (Muskogee Creek) reads, “With the thought of keeping the town secure, the chiefs appointed people to be scouts. So whenever they heard of strife, the scouts would go to where the trouble was and go among them and talk peace.”

And as Chief Xiuh explained,

“We live to serve our people because there’s no other people who can be trusted to put the self determination back into the people who handle it best — colonized people from all walks of the earth”

Since nearly 1 in 3 residents of Navajo don’t have access to clean running water, she continued,

“Hammer city is not optional. We have a responsibility to our elders, parents, and children, to provide an environment which puts our basic needs at the forefront of goals. We need nutritional food, a place to lay our head, unpolluted water, which gives us life, and the right to a community which shows that it appreciates the work that each person is capable of doing, rather than the level of productivity that we can provide for a machine that drinks the blood of colonized people to sustain itself.”

And from a recent interview, she explained,

The law of the land will be that Europeans will have to leave—unless they have a colonized person to vouch for them, maybe….and that’s a big maybe. That’s really the best that they can hope for: an Indigenous person who is willing to say that they are okay with that person staying.

What is there to do?

Colonized people don’t deserve activists (of any race) who speak eloquently but don’t challenge the status quo.

For colonized people, that means joining Black Hammer and committing yourself to ending colonialism worldwide.

And for colonizers who want to regain their humanity, the only option is to pay reparations, commit class suicide, become a traitor to colonialism, and serve under the leadership of the poor and working class colonized masses.

To help with this, Black Hammer Organization is starting a class series to re-educate colonizers and teach them to be human again.

Colonialism will only end when reparations of all stolen Land, Lives, Labor, and Loot are returned to their rightful Indigenous stewards, and we’ve built a world where nobody can live at the expense of another.

Land back!

Feature image photo credit: Laurie Shaull




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