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Lets Stop Pretending Trump And Biden Are Different

Written by BHT Staff

It’s election season 2020 and all the Democrats are going off about Trump’s taxes, again. We recently found out that Trump paid only $750 in federal income tax in 2017 despite making hundreds of millions from his capitalist ventures. Followed by a well-timed announcement that Agent Orange has coronavirus that quieted the liberals who were up in arms.(read more about that here.)

Democrats think people knowing he hasn’t paid taxes will demonize him in the eyes of the Colonized working class.  Trump equals bad, Biden equals better because Biden pays his taxes.

Colonized people know that Biden is not our savior. Biden deported us at higher numbers than Trump when he was Obama’s lap dog. They bombed our children and hospitals in Syria and Iraq. Obama and Biden sent the pigs to ravage our communities. 

Biden is a servant of the u.s. nation-state that audits the Colonized working class for not paying their taxes at much higher rates than the white working class. The IRS claims they don’t have the resources to audit the wealthy for not paying their taxes, but the state targets the Colonized proletariat knowing the top 1% are who benefit from the most tax cuts.

So what if Biden paid his taxes this year? Is he better than Trump for paying his taxes? The bougie backers that pay for Biden’s campaigns don’t pay them.  All corporations fund both Democrats and Republicans and use loopholes to get away with not paying taxes, just like Trump. 

Paloma Partners, the largest donor organization to political candidates in the 2020 election donated $14 million to Democratic candidates and organizations. They are also one of the largest donors to Biden’s campaign, at $9 million for the 2020 elections. 

Paloma Partners, like Trump, are known to get huge tax cuts by funding and electing members of the senate. 

So what do we care for Trump’s taxes? For the Colonized masses, it doesn’t matter whether Trump or Warcrime G.I. Joe, gets elected. We will still be toiling 50-60 hour weeks in a pandemic just to pay for rent and food. The pigs will still be patrolling our neighborhoods and brutalizing our people.

Vote for Hammer City instead! Come join Black Hammer and help build Hammer City

Black Hammer Organization is building Hammer City, a place for the Colonized working class to live free from the burdens of this neocolonial state that oppresses us. 

Live with No Rent, No Cops, and No Whites. 



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