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Why and How Whites Should Pay Reparations – In the Words of One Colonizer

by Chief Lay

I’m Chief Lay of the Black Hammer Times and I’m here today to interview a colonizer who gives reparations. This colonizer that I am interviewing is my mother, Anna Bell.

This interview is about the role of white people (colonizers) in this struggle for people of color (colonized people) to have self-determination and dictatorship over their lives, labor, lands, and resources. 

In this struggle for humanity, white people (the colonizer class) have the ability to make sure that revolution is as peaceful as possible by giving reparations voluntarily and with good faith and good intentions.

A picture of a black and white fist. Above the fist are the words “Reparations 2020” in both black and white text. Behind the fist are words such as “learning,” “love,” and “repair.” A flag is to the left with #AntiRacistTable over it.

Lay: what colonizer nation do you represent Anna Belle(AB)? 

AB: I represent Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and the Vikings. 

Lay: What encourages you to pay reparations? 

AB: You! You educating me has helped me see the light. Also, I always think of seeing Papa come from Colombia to the u.s. and not being able to get a good job because of discrimination. He, fortunately, found a job where he could use his Spanish and his English but it was hard for him and he worked hard to make a life here in America regardless.

So I pay reparations to honor him and to honor you.

A group of African Americans work in the forefront of the image while a group of African Americans sit. Overlaid on the image is the word “Reparations” and on the righthand side is the watermark FAQs

Lay: Why should other colonizers pay reparations in the same way that you do?

AB: Well, I think most colonizers say they don’t want to pay reparations because slavery happened so long ago and how do we know who were the descendants of those slaves. 

But I find that ridiculous because it isn’t just history! Even if African people have been here in America for generations, they are all descended from those original slaves, and still suffer for it.

Racism is still going on today in every aspect of life, in policing, in owning property, in buying homes, getting loans and buying cars. All women and people of color pay higher prices for everything, and they’re given a harder time in everything – from business to loans to banking – they’re being taken advantage of.

I mean, I know that oppression exists but I know that as a white woman it’s nothing compared to what colonized people go through on a daily basis for all their lives. They are treated like crap and it’s not right.

In the past, I didn’t know what we could do to help, but now I see reparations are a good way.

A schematic of the proposed Hammer City. On the picture in white capital letters are the words “Build Hammer City.” The caption reads “Colonized people need dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, & Resources!”

Lay: What do you think is the difference between donating money to building something like hammer city as opposed to just buying from colonized-owned businesses?

AB: I think it’s okay from my point of view if I have to buy clothes anyway.

I will try and give them to an indigenous person’s business or an African person’s business, that’s who I want to give my business to if I had if I have needs but beyond that, you have to go for the bigger projects too

A lot of businesses fail, and the high risk of capitalism makes it hard for colonized people to succeed. Economic crashes happen like clockwork and then who knows what makes it through — the wealth is often lost.

I love giving to Hammer City because that’s a real thing that’s substantial and can last.

Lay: As modern colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism stretch and weaken, how do you see this through the duet between Trump and Biden?

AB: In the last 20 years we have often had to pick the lesser of two evils, but this time it’s really no contest.

It’s just a dark thing. The two of them are just the most despicable, awful, awful, awful, human beings. I can’t imagine either one of them being president for the next four years.

Lay: What do you see different between Hammer City and building micronations, that exist to give political power to colonized people, in comparison to one time donations?

AB: I think that’s wonderful. I heard an interview with an African woman who said we want to be away from white people so we can be ourselves. And I just thought “oh my goodness”, you know, I never thought of it that way, you know, I mean because I think all of us should live together in peace.

But then I realized that these cities can give people a chance to just relax and be themselves and be creative and be productive, without that Evil eye of white people looking over their shoulder or watching.

I think that’s wonderful! It’s going to be so good, no police and no white people. What an opportunity and of course no Coronavirus or rent, and that’s a bigger deal than anything.

Thank you for the interview, Anna Bell!

Colonizers who want to regain their humanity and be on the right side of history can join the Black Hammer Organization’s newest class to re-educate white people on how to regain their humanity.

The funds for this class will be the reparations of which will go to Hammer City to build a city where colonized people can have self-determination to overturn colonialism.

Make sure to sign up and get on the right side of history!



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