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Trump has ‘Rona and they still want to sacrifice your kids in school?!

Written by Chief Ali and Chief Christy

New York, usa — In complete disregard of a killer global pandemic, colonial officials have opened the largest public school system in amerikkka.

At the same time as Trump and hundreds of thousands of others have contracted Coronavirus, the lives of hundreds of thousands of African and colonized children (people of color) are being sacrificed for a dying economy.

Public schools in New York City are only 15% white, with many colonizer families sending their children to safer, better-funded (and more expensive) private schools.

At the same time, colonial media outlets have neglected to publicize that there is no official federal government effort to count coronavirus in k-12 public schools.

One unofficial count put the number at over 35,000 cases.

Apart from that, across the country, governors and school board officials are keeping the status of the pandemic a secret. In some places, school staff isn’t even allowed to share that they tested positive for Coronavirus!

There have also been many cases where parents sent their kids to school after testing positive for the virus!

For some, the handling of the pandemic has proven that the colonial government and it’s sellout supporters do everything to destroy the lives of poor and working class African and colonized families and children.

The main benefit of schools reopening, according to Trump, is that it helps the economy. But at what cost?

Right now, nearly 80% of Coronavirus deaths among children aged 5-17 in amerikkka have been from poor and working-class colonized people.

This means that sending your kid to school is gambling with your family’s lives. Reopening public schools is an attack on poor and working-class African and colonized kids.

Black Hammer Organization strongly opposes sending our kids #Back2School2Die, and it has tips on homeschooling which include Coronavirus safe practices, a k-5 homeschooling guide, and the revolutionary ABCs for your little ones (scroll to the bottom).

To support our work and continue to provide even more resources for poor and working-class colonized families, donate today! And for anyone with health or schooling experience who wants to get involved, contact us to join the curriculum team.

Land back!



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