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How to protect yourself from climate danger and lack of housing

by Comrade Saint

At Black Hammer Organization, our greatest concern is the safety and wellbeing of poor and working class colonized people (people of color). Our people are under threat from fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes as modern colonialism-capitalism misuses and abuses the land and nature.

Black Hammer Organization’s security team has pulled together some tips on survival and safety to help you and your loved ones as you deal with climate disaster, Coronavirus, and housing during the coming months.

Rule of threes

The general rule of 3s is going to help you understand the rules of what your body can do in dangerous situations. It’s important to have a general basis of knowledge of what your body needs and does in drastic situations because colonized people are thrown into them more than anyone

  • You can survive 3 minutes without air
  • You can survive 3 hours without shelter in a harsh weather environment
  • You can survive 3 days without water
  • You can survive 3 weeks without food

These tips are what you need to remember when you’ve got nothing.

Make a bugout bag

However you can take preventative measures by creating a bug out bag, a bag with supplies and tools for when you have to leave or there is an emergency. We’ve created a checklist for you to use to acquire all the items necessary to keep yourself safe on the go.

Long term solutions

Alongside these tips, Black Hammer Organization is working to provide for poor & working class colonized people by building Hammer City, a city without rent, cops, Coronavirus, and colonizers.

Black Hammer’s Four Principles of Unity state that all problems we face, as poor and working class colonized people, are because of colonialism and neocolonial sellouts. This includes homelessness and climate disaster!

Only when we have control over our land will we truly be able to provide for and defend our communities.

Join or donate today to help us unite and protect colonized people!

Land back!



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