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Tune in as Anakbayan & Black Hammer talk revolutionary truths

Update: the recorded discussion has been posted!

Anakbayan x Black Hammer Struggle Against Colonialism

Learn about what is going on the ground in the Philippines to fight colonialism. Anakbayan u.s. chapter leader Adrian Bonifacio joins Commander in Chief Gazi, Chief Thru and Chief Sante talk colonized peoples unity!

Posted by Black Hammer on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Black Hammer Organization and Anakbayan are joining for a panel discussion today, September 26, at 5:00 PM EST on Facebook live!

Adrian Bonifacio, the Chairperson of Anakbayan, USA chapter is our special guest and will be talking with our leaders Chief Thru, Chief Sante, and Commander in Chief Gazi of Black Hammer.

This panel discussion starts further collaboration and support between two revolutionary organizations, Anakbayan USA and the Black Hammer Organization. Both Anakbayan and the Black Hammer Organization are fighting against imperialism, capitalism and colonialism.

The unity of the Colonized working masses is what we need to win the revolution and build a world where all Colonized people have dictatorship over their lives, labor, land and resources.

The discussion will also touch on the current neocolonial-sellout Duterte regime and the harm done to the poor and working class Colonized people in the Philippines. The united snakkkes is notoriously known to sell arms to neocolonial dictators that further u.s. imperialism and suppress the Colonized people’s desire for self determination .

With the u.s. trying to arm Duterte’s pigs with $2 billion worth of war ammunition for his “War on Drugs” in the Philippines, it is crucial that we expose the neocolonialists, for who they are, to all of our Colonized masses. Only then can we win against colonialism and all of its offsprings.

Anakbayan, USA is an anti-imperialist movement comprised of chapters throughout the united snakes. Built by Filipinos in the u.s., Anakbayan recruits its members through political education. They also mobilize, protest, and highlight u.s. imperialist moves that exploit Filipinos and other Colonized peoples worldwide. 

Tune in on Facebook live to join and listen to the conversation! 

If you’re a Colonized person, join Black Hammer Organization and help build Hammer City, where we can live with no rent, no rona and no whites.

If you’re a colonizer, get on the good side of history by paying reparations. Donate to build Hammer City at $BuildHammerCity on Venmo and Cashapp.



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