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When will Colombia Stop Killing Colonized People?

By Chief Lay

On Wednesday, the Misak nation organized a march in response to the pigs, towards a statue of a colonizer conquistador that they toppled to the ground.

This symbolism of anti-colonialism has stirred up controversy among the white power establishment which has no idea how to manage the masses’ righteous rage against colonialism.

The settler-colonial government of Colombia has organized bloody attacks against the mobilization of the colonized masses suffering.

Conquistadors like Columbus made their claim on the land of natives of the caribbean, Pacific coast dwellers, and the Andean mountains. To build the spanish settler colony, Conquistadors stole and enslaved African people.

To this day and even after “independence”, European and majority European mestizo people uphold the neo-conquistador system. 

Coronavirus has torn apart the colonial system from the ground up, leaving many people jobless. Since the easing of the lockdown in September, the colonized working-class masses of Colombia are returning to the bleak reality of living under a state bent on the destruction of the land and themselves.

One arm of the state, the police, has gone on a colonial terror spree.


For Javier Ordonez, a mestizo (multi-cultural descent) lawyer in training who worked as a taxi driver, quarantine restrictions were enough to have the police tase and brutalize him. He died from the injuries later the next day.

For those who live in south america, it is well established that colonized people have been oppressed for 600 years. The spanish were able to produce a strong system of division by color and cultural assimilation. 

‘Mestizaje’, ‘blanqueanimiento’, ‘mejorando la raza’ are some of the vocabularies of Spanish colonizer “science”. Just like missionaries “saving” African and Indigenous people with colonizer religions, mixed-race whitening of Colonized communities was seen as saving them from their ”savagery”. This encouraged the rape of Colonized people by the europeans.

Being closer to whiteness, in culture or in color, affords one the ability to sell out in most “latin american” nations. Many of the mestizo see this proximity and take the path of Shakira and Pitbull and sell out their colonized ancestors for the white power check. White power only sees a useful puppet which is cut off without a second thought. 

Social media is filled with examples of pig brutality.

This brutality is no different than the genocide of the African people in the u.s., of Palestinians, and of the Native nations of Turtle Island.

The mobilizations against white power are responses to the european settler looting of Colombia’s colonized labor, land, and resources. Where there is oppression, there is resistance. 

Colonized working masses need organization to build systems which meet their needs independently. The fight against white power cannot win against a more developed organization!

We need to keep ourselves safe and increase our proximity from whiteness, while they take each other out. To this end, Black Hammer Organization has begun planning our largest project yet, Hammer City, a place for colonized people to live without any violence from whiteness. We are actively recruiting, so if you want an end to racism and colonial violence, join today!

Land Back!




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