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Saying She Deserved Better Will Never Be Enough – #BreonnaTaylor

Written by Chief Ali

Louisville, Kentucky – On September 23 the district attorney for the City of Louisville announced that they decided not to charge the pigs who barged into the home Breonna Taylor and shot her to death.

With this, the amerikkkan government, a fake white power colonial state, continues to permit the genocide and murder of African people.

Today we mourn Breonna Taylor, an African woman. At the same time, we reflect also on the killing of Emmett Till because on this same day 65 years ago, his killers were similarly let off the hook.

It’s a horrific tragedy, and there’s nothing that this white power system will ever do to hold itself accountable and truly overturn the centuries of genocide African people are still facing under a system of colonialism that uses racism and capitalism to keep them poor and exploited.

Once we understand how useless and corrupt the amerikkkan government is, we can start to work to build something that will actually give self-determination to poor and working-class colonized people (people of color) where we can build a system which permanently ends killings by the pigs.

Colonial legality has no justice

In the colonial legal system, there are civil cases (between people) and criminal cases (between the government and people).

Breonna Taylor’s family already filed a civil lawsuit to get reparations from the pigs and the Louisville city government for the killing. The family and the colonizers settled on a $12 million payment to the family to close the lawsuit.

That just left criminal charges for the pigs involved. Many people don’t realize that charges can only be filed by a prosecutor, also known as a county or state attorney.

In this case, the prosecutor, who represents the colonial government, announced that he’s chosen not to file ANY charges – neither murder nor manslaughter – against the pigs who killed Breonna, effectively pardoning their murder.

Colonial grand juries empower colonial violence

They used the colonial legal tactic of the ‘grand jury’ which is a non-public gathering of mostly white colonizers to listen to the prosecutor (and no other lawyers) talk about the case. The grand jury can either decide press charges, or they can say “we don’t want to charges.”

The colonial prosecutor, who is on the same side as the murderous colonial pigs, can then say “well, the grand jury doesn’t think we should charge them, so I’m not going to do anything!”

That’s exactly what happened, and just like that, the pigs get away with murder.

No justice deserves no peace

As a response, we have colonizers like Dementia Joe chastizing mourners, saying “They should be peaceful. Do not sully [Breonna’s] memory by engaging in violence.”

The democrats will use this as an excuse to try and get people to vote, stopping any attempts at real change, but we need to learn from what history shows us.

There will never be justice in this illegitimate system when it comes to protecting the lives of poor and working-class African and colonized people.

Power through organization

The only way we can get justice, to avenge the memory of Breonna Taylor, Emmet Till, and the millions of others, is to empower those people who are the most exploited by this system of colonialism.

Black Hammer believes that only when poor and working-class African and colonized people have dictatorship over their lives can we overturn racism, sexism, police brutality, and every other issue that plagues us.
Let grief drive you to action, drive you to connect even more with your communities to work to build real power for colonized people. Revolution is the only solution, and we need to get organized to build power. If you’re trying to get free and make sure that white colonizers can’t get away with killing African women, support our work and join Black Hammer today.



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