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You Can’t Support Colonized People Without Paying Reparations

Written by Comrade Saint

Reparations – the new buzzword that makes the liberals and neocolonialists squirm in discomfort. 

The definition of reparations follows as such:

the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.

We all are well aware that making true amends is something colonizers jump through hell and high water to avoid doing. As colonized people, we see that colonizers try to do everything except take accountability for benefitting from the system that their ancestors put in place from them.

Most people recognize reparations from imperial promises of 40 acres and a mule. However, the topic was only recently brought up in 2014 because of the piece “The Case For Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates and again during the illegitimate government’s elections that followed. As colonized people, we are owed for the suffering we face daily under an imperial, white supremacist government that intentionally strips us of our self-determination. 

A cartoon of a scale with the backdrop of the USA with the states in red. On the left side of the scale are five money bags and a man lifting a sixth bag to the right of the scale, which only has one money bag. The left scale is heavier than the right.

It’s because of reparations, colonized people can reclaim short term relief under white nationalism. The united snakes is well aware of the impact of reparations, which is why it has paid them on numerous occasions, reparations being given to Japanese internment survivors and victims of the holocaust.

All times these have been attempts to cast off the fact that despite throwing hush money at colonized people they haven’t touched land sovereignty. While the discussion is centered around why African people are continuously denied reparations at its root it is a confession and acknowledgment of the heinous and inhumane acts the united snakes have committed toward colonized people as a whole.

Black woman holds the sign 	A cartoon of a sign that asks “Reparations?” Below are the letters “NO.” A group of Black people hold one side of a W while a group of white people hold the other side of the W. A black woman holds the sign "NOW" and a white woman holds the sign "NO."

Regardless, whether it’s through white colonizer guilt, or through the force of the colonized peoples revolution, reparations will be returned to the people’s power, the true proletariat. At heart all colonized people are dialectical materialists, meaning we as colonized people are unphased by shows and distractions. We want and demand material change. And because of that reparations are at its base real and material systemic change that leads to the return of self-determination of colonized people.

Colonizers, crackkkas, white people are often so privileged as to not even begin to understand the length of how far colonization goes. And while we are still running our campaign for hammer city as the true understanding of what it means to return self-determination to colonized people we have to acknowledge that that takes time and full unity of our people and reparations. 

Going forward Black Hammer’s political education committee is now offering a class for colonizers to finally sit quietly, learn to be human, and pay reparations. This class will show the full extent of the lack of knowledge colonizers hold by applying our methods of research as dialectical materialists.

Feature. A white hand gives a bag with a dollar sign to a darker skinned hand.

All of the reparations from this class will go to Hammer City, the true material solution to returning self determinations to colonized people. Give donations, and more importantly reparations here



  1. I look forward to this class. I would also like to recruit other wyties. I’ll keep my eye on the FB page for updates. Much love comrades.

  2. I would like to apply for the class! Will watch for more details. THANK YOU for this outstanding article!


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