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Socialism cures COVID, China issues awards

by Chief Lay

This month, four indigenous Chinese medical workers won an award and three honorary titles on behalf of their service to The People’s Republic of China (PRC) and all of humanity in fighting the invisible enemy, COVID-19.

The Medal of the Republic was given to the lung doctor (pulmonologist) Zhong Nanshan.

And the following people received the honorary title of “the People’s Hero”:

Zhang Boli, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine who used traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the treatment of COVID-19. 

Zhang Dingyu, the manager of Wuhan’s Jinyintan Hospital, the first hospital to take in those who caught the novel coronavirus. 

Chen Wei, a medical scientist within the People’s Liberation Army who researched and developed treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19.

For their level of organization and responsibility to the world’s health, these four were given the highest honor by President Xi Jinping:

The PRC is rightfully proud of their moves to stop Coronavirus in its tracks. This is just how actually existing socialists move. 

The socialist nations of the world, the PRC, the DPRK (north Korea), Viet Nam, Venezuela, Cuba, Laos, all have one thing in common – they move scientifically to meet the healthcare needs of the people. 

In a colonial capitalist country like amerikkka healthcare is driven by profits, and this means that poor and working class colonized people (people of color) suffer under a system designed for wealthy colonizers. On the other hand in a socialist country, where the government serves and is comprised of working class colonized people, healthcare serves the people’s needs first.

In amerikkka, under a dictatorship of wealthy colonizers, Coronavirus cases are continuing to climb, but the PRC has fully contained the virus, is recognizing individuals led the way, and has been combating Coronavirus all around the world.

China provides free masks to Syria while the u.s. issues more sanctions.

Black Hammer Organization recognizes that in order to have a healthcare system that truly provides for poor and working colonized people, colonized people need to have dictatorship over our own lives.

To show how colonized people can provide for ourselves, Black Hammer’s free PPE health campaign has served over 50,000 colonized people around the world.

people with fists
#HammersInYoHood providing free masks to colonized people

To get involved in protecting colonized people and building a world where healthcare serves the people, join Black Hammer while we take back control over our land and our lives.

Land back!



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