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How Deep Does Assimilation Go?

Written by Chief Lay

Colonized people are miseducated in the amerikkkan system by design; being approached by the colonizers, we were swiftly lied to and given false narratives. 

In every case, the colonizer used our desire to learn and love, despoiling said love through lies and betrayal. 

With Coronavirus killing children and teachers alike, the false narrative of safety and preparation is the most deadly lie of today. 

We see this with the way schools teach English, French, and Spanish. Teachers say this will help you talk to people. 

forced assimilation on reservations

Colonial education hides the fact that cracker languages are forced upon colonized people in Africa, and Southern America. 

Teachers want students to imagine foreign language speakers to be white, when scientifically there are more colonized people who speak these tongues. 

Only Spain and Argentina have mostly colonizer populations (with large African diasporas), while the vast majority of “Hispanic” countries are colonized. 

The same goes for francophone countries — countries in Africa whose populations speak french. Most Africans are French Speakers! 

Colonizers realize this exposes the colonial contradiction plainly which is why this fact is not taught. 

When it comes to teaching European history, colonization has tiptoed around and hidden away  

from Puerto Rico where colonizers failed to wipe out the Taino. They teach their false success to support their argument against native control. 

There have been at least two handfuls of modern, organized genocides in Puerto Rico by the Europeans since Contact. The first pogrom being Colonizer Colombus landing in Puerto Rico in 1493 cutting the population to 1148 Taíno by 1530 through enslavement and diseases such as smallpox, influenza, measles, and typhus; those dirty europeans.  

(Original Caption) A group of Navajo children study English here for the first time. They also learn their own language which never had an alphabet before white men worked one out for them.

Gradual genocide is STILL genocide. Whether cultural or physical, white power needs colonized people to lose their life or their native spirit. 

This is why building Hammer City, a safe haven for colonized people to build self determination, is the answer to today’s colonial questions of education during the pandemic. 

Using natural remedies of the land, indigenous farming practices, and Indigenous history, we can save ourselves. 

Just like the Taino, we must defend ourselves from extinction due to colonizer lies. 



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