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7 ways that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nothing but a liberal colonizer

by Chief Ali

The shining example of liberalism, the u.s. Democratic party, is falling apart and literally dying off. With just 40 days until the election, Dementia Joe and Kopmala Harris have nothing to offer poor and working class colonized people. The democratic party is working overtime to make sure of the united snakes can flourish as the global empire it is.

In perfect timing, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a democrat u.s. supreme court justice, has died, giving Trump the ability to appoint an openly far-right one. Liberals are heartbroken that they lost a seemingly progressive voice in the u.s. Supreme court, but does it really matter?

The Democratic party in the u.s. is the champion of colonialism, liberalism, and imperialism, and they’re only slightly better at hiding it than republicans. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, but her legacy as a colonizer is nothing to mourn. Let’s examine 7 reasons why colonized people shouldn’t worry about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

1. She wanted a multiracial police force to enforce colonialism and modern-day slavery

“I’m very proud of the u.s. as a country that welcomes all kinds of people.” she proclaimed in the an interview.

“There are serious efforts to educate the police. African Americans are becoming police officers in increasing numbers. There’s been definite improvement in that respect.”

We are dependent on police officers for our security. We would like this change to happen overnight, but it’s going to be slow. The important thing is that we are headed in the right direction. We can’t wave a magic wand and make it better all in one fell swoop.

But poor and working class colonized people know that the pigs’ only job is to protect colonial wealth and ensure that African and colonized people are kept in their place.

By saying ‘we’, Ginsburg shows she’s speaking from the perspective as a colonizer. For poor and working class colonized people, the pigs don’t provide us any real security.

2. She said u.s. repression is just an accident and a thing of the past

Alice Childress, Paul Robeson and Lorraine Hansberry

In that same interview, Ginsburg proclaimed her love for the u.s. and belief that the bad things amerikkka did in the past were just an accident because of ‘forgetfulness’.

Think of the days of Joe McCarthy… people were blacklisted because they belonged to some socialist youth group…Congress forgot that we have a first amendment right to think speak write as we believe and not as big brother tells us to believe.

She contrasted the u.s. with the big brother of the soviet union saying, “we have a constitution that’s so precious to the united states that we tolerate and applaud our differences and still pull together.”

To blame amerikkkan oppression on “forgetfulness” is disgusting. Make no mistake: the u.s. needs intense political and military repression to fight anyone that gets in the way of colonialism-capitalism-imperialism. The constitution just paves the way for colonialism to continue.

3. She called Colin Kaepernick “dumb”, “stupid”, “disrespectful” and “arrogant” for protesting police brutality

On Kapernick protesting the NFL…Ginsburg had some choice quotes:

“It’s really dumb of them.”

“It’s dumb and disrespectful. I’d have the same answer about flag burning.”

“It seems so ridiculous to me to do such an act.”

“If they want to be stupid… if they want to be arrogant… there’s no law to prevent that.”

Enough said.

4. She was a colonizer who was fine being an amerikkkan settler and a zionist

Ginsburg touring occupied Palestine (israel)

Ginsburg’s father was a Ukrainian Jew, and her mother was an Austrian Jew who both decided to side with colonialism and immigrate to the stolen indigenous land of the u.s.

Ginsburg continued her parent’s colonial legacy by supporting Zionism and the settler state of israel that has been looting Palestinian land.

She donated money to Israeli schools, and happily accepted awards from the israeli government for her “contribution to the development of a fair and just society that provides equal opportunity for all”. What a sick joke.

5. She was a white feminist, aka. eugenics with a pussy hat

Although liberals love to think that Ginsburg fought for feminism, the reality is that she only fought for colonizer white women. In fact, she openly acknowledged her support for genocide and eugenics programs for “certain populations” she wants to control:

Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

It’s no coincidence that liberal colonizers support the forced sterilization of stolen indigenous women in ICE at the same time they also support planned parenthoods in hoods and barrios. It’s genocide and eugenics.

The constitution that Ginsburg loves to uphold permitted colonized people, women, and children to be property of white men. White feminists are worthless for poor and working class colonized people.

6. Her refusal to retire at her old age was a perfect example of the liberal ratchet effect

The way the US supreme court works is that whenever someone in the court dies, the current president appoints a new one. Ginsburg’s decision to continue working in the court until her death at the age of 87 means she didn’t care if the republicans would appoint a far-right replacement for her.

Of course, it doesn’t matter much if she retired when Obama was president, because one, the democrats were even too weak against republicans to put another liberal colonizer in the court, and two because as we see, liberals happily support colonialism anyway.

7. She was a white nationalist who supported deporting indigenous people off their lands

At every chance, she’s sided with republicans on supporting deportations of indigenous people and other colonized people. In addition, she was happily voted to steal indigenous land and give it to oil pipeline companies.

Ginsburg, like all liberals, are bloodthirsty parasites who survive on the theft and looting of indigenous people and their land.

So, poor and working class colonized people have no reason to worry that Ginsburg is dead.

Our enemy is the same as ever, white power colonialism. This should just give us more energy to organize to provide for ourselves and build a world where nobody lives at the expense of another. If you want to actually work to overturn the issues in your life, we need you!

Land back!



  1. You Almost had me thinking this was a Legit site , until I read a sentence that gathers all of your own bias into a run on phrase. Then it was easy to see all of the inaccuracies . Close but no cigar ,Shill.


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