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Black Hammer’s here for the community, Salt Lake City

by Utah Chapter

Last weekend, Black Hammer’s Utah chapter took on our international campaign of #HammersInYoHood and hit the streets of Salt Lake City, Orem, and other locations. 

On the first day, our comrades put up one hundred posters about Hammer City at the University of Utah. Later that night, five comrades went to Suntrapp, a queer bar in SLC.

The bar staff were so happy to have us! They helped put up Black Hammer posters and gave us a shoutout on their page. They also let us set up a table outside and provided walkie talkies for security purposes.

Our next planned outreach was on Sunday. The Utah chapter set up a booth at Liberty Park and passed our free N95 masks and other PPE and put up posters.

Many Colonized people were intrigued about Hammer City, and were interested in learning about it. They asked us specifically about the no white and no rent policies.

During our outreach, we also met another Colonized comrade who shared with us how the state of Utah had charged them $400 for having weed and placed a misdemeanor charge. All for just a quarter to an eighth of an ounce of weed!

That’s why we’re building Hammer City, a home for the Colonized proletariat. A home where the pigs can’t harass us and the parasitic state can’t steal from us.

Only at Hammer City are our Colonized brothers and sisters free to have complete control of their own lives, labor, land and resources. No rent, no whites, and no Coronavirus!

Join Black Hammer Organization today, and help build Hammer City! Or donate now and help us organize.



  1. The first time I met black hammer at South Park apartments they’re help me toilet paper so thankful for that!


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