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White nationalists protect Compton cops, but lose to fierce revolutionary

By Chief Santelmo

All violence from colonized people against the colonizer is revolutionary violence

Gazi Kodzo on Compton shooting of police

On September 15, in a debate with a white nationalist YouTuber, Gazi Kodzo laid out the political line of the Black Hammer Organization.

Gazi’s opponent, I,Hypocrite, called the shooting of the Compton pigs by an African man as an act of terrorism and murder. “It’s just evil,” said the colonizer.

The shooting involved two Los Angeles County deputies, but neither one was killed. A GoFundMe page set up for the pigs has already raised more $600,000. The county board of supervisors had also put a bounty on the suspect of $25,000 and asked basketball player Lebron James to match the bounty.

Notably, the pigs which were shot were from an area notorious for Nazi-like police gangs and are said to be linked to one gang called “The Executioners.” Black Hammer believes that all violence against colonizers is revolutionary violence. 

Gazi laid out that the police are the state apparatus that serves white power. They are actively genociding African and Colonized people. The police represent and sustain the ideas of the white ruling class, and are parasites to the indigenous land which they loot and pollute constantly. 

“How dare people resist that?” Gazi said sarcastically. 

I,Hypocrite was waving a metaphorical blue lives matter flag trying to defend the pigs, saying that they were human beings. 

Black Hammer knows that colonial police have given up their humanity and aren’t on the same level as the poor and working class Colonized people they oppress. The police are the parasites in this white power colonial system that terrorizes people daily. 

Nothing of this system is legitimate. You do not get to enact your laws on the land which you [colonizers] stole from indigenous people!

Gazi Kodzo in debate with white nationalists

“If [the pigs] didn’t survive, Donald Trump would have had a better campaign – if they died, Donald Trump would be president, no question” said Gazi.

I,Hypocrite asked Gazi if they had seen a poll showing 80% of African and Colonized people wanted more police enforcement in their neighborhoods because of the high rates of crime.

The idea that “police prevent violence” is an outright lie which has been shoved down colonized people’s throats. All crime that exists within our communities has been pushed by the state through drug wars, the prison-to-school pipeline, segregation, and ongoing colonial violence. 

“Polls have a long history of being incorrect,” Gazi replied, “Didn’t the polls say that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election over Donald Trump?”

Without the u.s. state imposing its violence on Colonized people, by removing the colonizer-parasite and liberating indigenous land, we will no longer have that economic relationship that creates these crimes, giving one group of people power over another.

At the end of the day, Black Hammer is in our communities, talking to people to spread the word about Hammer City – a city with no cops, rent, coronavirus and white people – and we are providing free live-saving masks during this pandemic.

Come to Hammer city to build real power, and have real security over your life where the state can no longer enact its will on us. We know the true violence comes from our oppressors.

Land back!



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