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Watch This Shocking Debate! “Storm Of White Tears”

Don’t miss tonight’s spicy debate between Gazi Kodzo, Commander-in-Chief of the Black Hammer Organization, and Lyndon Perry, a white nationalist online personality known as I,Hypocrite! The debate will be tonight, Tuesday September 15 at 8:30pm EDT, in a livestream on Black Hammer Organization’s Facebook and YouTube

There can be no unity between colonizers and the colonized proletariat! When we debate them we make our differences clear, and we show that we intend to fight and we intend to win. Inspired by debates from revolutionary ancestors like Malcolm X and Kwame Ture, Black Hammer has decided to enter this debate!

Gazi and Lyndon are polar opposites, so get ready for them to clash as they discuss modern society, race, Trump, and more! 

Gazi Kodzo is a YouTuber-turned-revolutionary, who now has his boots on the ground leading a revolutionary organization, tireless in his fight against colonialism, racism, and oppression.

The Black Hammer Organization is “a revolutionary mass organization dedicated toward building a sustainable future for all colonized people worldwide.” It’s Four Principles of Unity seek to unify all colonized people – people of color – to fight against colonialism, white power, imperialism to improve our lives.

I,Hypocrite describes himself as a single father and web developer. As a side hustle, he runs a series of online pages that criticize “modern social justice movements such as feminism or Black Lives Matter” which he feels has given people “a sort of narcissistic mental disorder over the years.”

I,Hypocrite’s website topics

I, Hypocrite wants to unite white people to fight “modernity”, hoping a return to greatness in European antiquity. This is why he uses imagery with statues of European philosophers – a symbol of white power.

Hello? I’d like a return to European greatness.

In contrast, Black Hammer is working to unite all colonized working class people to fight colonialism.

It has worked toward this goal by organizing campaigns against brutality, leading protests in the streets, and coordinating a free PPE program during the pandemic which has given out over 50,000 pieces of life-saving medical-grade masks.

Black Hammer members providing for their community.

Under Gazi Kodzo’s leadership, Black Hammer has been educating and providing for its members and community. The organization has a newspaper, The Black Hammer Times, political education, health resources, workouts, and more.

Black Hammer Organization’s latest project is building Hammer City, a place for colonized working people to have self-determination, and a way to return the land back to Indigenous people.

I,Hypocrite puts out racist memes on his Facebook, and produces weekly videos in a series titled “You Can’t Stop Progress.” His works attempt to be ironic, and focus on liberals and Black people being foiled by the police or doing so-called destructive (“hypocritical”) things to their so-called communities.

He does things like put out videos with titles like “Black Identity Extremists: Fact or Fiction?”, and uses a series of b-roll stock footage alongside screenshots from articles and his analysis.

Sculptures + Stock imagery = Substance?

In one snippet of an article analyzing the origin of the “Black Identity Extremists” term, I,Hypocrite’s analysis on opposing opinions consists of things like,

The article then goes on to cite a bunch of Marxists and cucks, accusing the department of racist fear-mongering claiming that no such threat exists.

I,Hypocrite in Black Identity Extremists: Fact or Fiction?

I,Hypocrite seems to be a longstanding fan of Gazi though, because in the above video he even featured a clip of Gazi’s video!

Gazi puts out regular updates for the colonized working class masses with the “Oh my Gazi” show on Mondays. They dissect everything from celebrity culture to international news, all with an anti-colonial perspective.

You know who’s also known for being an avid overt white nationalist racist that just can’t stand Black people? Well, Jeffree Star chile has been attacked again, exposed for being a white nationalist y’all, for being a racist y’all, for hating Black, but copying Black people for every goshdang thing.

Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo in #JeffreeStar Got Himself a New Slave… I Mean Boyfriend!!

In terms of YouTube followers, I,Hypocrite has a slight edge on Gazi, with 56,000 followers to Gazi’s 45,000.

In terms of real-world following, Gazi has the edge on I,Hypocrite, since Black Hammer Organization has chapters worldwide. Comparing Gazi and I,Hypocrite, it’s clear that there’s truly no comparison between the two.

One is organizing to build a new world where nobody lives at the expense of another, and the other merely panders to the most reactionary whipping class white masses, just to turn a quick buck.

So who’s gonna win this debate? Tune in on LIVE on Facebook and YouTube to find out!

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