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How To Handle Interacting With Pigs

written by Comrade Saint


Black hammer organization has stated time and time again that we are servants of the people. One way we seek to do that is by utilizing our security team to give colonized people the best ways to keep themselves safe when faced with white power

Go Live Immediately 

          If you go live over recording it they can’t take your phone and delete cause it’s already online. Use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. The more eyes on the situation the better. The more attention called onto the scene by the people, the more they will be hard-pressed to commit direct violence

Don’t talk to the pigs

Keep in mind pigs don’t understand our language so everything you say they going try to twist it to fit their story. They only understand 3 human phrases “I wish to invoke my right to remain silent” “am I being detained”  “am I free to leave?” and “I want to speak with a lawyer” anything else they going try to incriminate you with. 

Don’t fight the pigs

           They are looking for a reason to shoot colonized people don’t give them a reason. Don’t try to be a hero. Retire the individualistic approach of trying to be heroic or prideful. The first rule of guerilla warfare is to always leave a way to fight another day. Take this to heart in these situations

New York City busy street scene with cars and people along 3rd Avenue in the East Village of Manhattan

Do not let them get you alone

If possible stay in public around people in a well-lit area. Shopping centers, busy roads, all good places to protect yourself from the anonymity the cops try to hide behind. Like stated above the more people that have eyes on the situation the less likely the pigs will enact direct violence

Stay calm and in control.

We are all aware of what the cops represent. Its easy to panic or fawn response in a situation like this, however that is what the pigs are looking for, that’s what they expect. Maintaining your cool by any means necessary will keep you alive and safe in these situations



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