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Hammers in the New England empire for #HammersInYoHood

by Chief Llabbe & Chief Spark

Outreach this weekend with the MA/CT chapter of Black Hammer was an experience I’ve never been apart of before. While we have done singular outreach events as a local chapter, we have not done them to this magnitude.

We were called on to halt all other organizational duties in order to focus on outreach this weekend for the #HammersInYoHood campaign. My initial thought was, “Damn! I have work this weekend!”, but I made it work. I know how important it is to be out in the community serving the people and engaging them about Hammer City.

Providing to, learning from, and uniting with poor and working colonized people is what Black Hammer is all about.

Bags of masks and hammer city fliers

This weekend reinvigorated me and made me want to put a lot more focus on local events! The first day we went to the hot spot of Nubian square and were met with many interested colonized peoples! 

Normally I am not very good at speaking to random people ok the street, but knowing I was with my comrades made things much easier for me! Having my comrades all united in this single campaign allowed me to overcome my anxiety meet the people where they were at.

The people we met were appreciative of our PPE distribution efforts and wanted to learn more about Hammer City. We made more contacts than ever before and the vibe was overall very positive.

The next two days we went to different neighborhoods around Boston and met many amazing people.

Overall this weekend may have been one of the busiest I’ve had in a while but it was so fulfilling to refocus on providing for our communities, and grounding our work locally.

two comrades posing with fists in front of city sign

As an example of the kinds of stories we heard: we were in Boston when we ran across this African couple. The man was recently let out of prison and was potentially facing more time behind bars. 

A stabbing occurred near where he lived, and the police have been trying to falsely accuse him of doing it. He is facing 14 months and his friend is facing 3 years.

He also detailed the situation of coronavirus in prison, where colonizer prison guards are the ones bringing Coronavirus into the prison population. This Colonial violence in prisons is the same violence used against the Indigenous people of Turtle Island. 

People were very interested in who we were and what we were about, and we were successful in struggling with some people. We spoke with an older African man, who initially saw our documents as Marxist, and we clarified that we were for colonized liberation, rather than white leftism. By the end of our conversation, we won him over and he was showed excitement for our online Tuesday rally and our book club, da Revolutionary Book Trap.

This is meeting the masses where they’re at! Black Hammer’s Northeast chapter continues to provide for our poor and working class colonized communities, and #HammersInYoHood was a huge success!

Black Hammer Organization relies on donations to keep this work going! If you support our free PPE (mask & sanitizer) distribution program, donate to $BHDisasterRelief on CashApp or GoFundMe! If you want to help build Hammer City, donate to $BuildHammerCity on CashApp or GoFundMe.



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