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Black Hammer puts NYC rental scams on BLAST

Chief Ai

New York City – Two landlords appear to have been running a fraudulent scheme trying to get rich off of the exploitation of other colonized people – people of color.

This week, all of Black Hammer Organization has been going into the streets to talk with the community with #HammersInYoHood. We heard that lots of people are having housing problems!

One of the comrades from Black Hammer New York has even been the victim of one of these fraudulent schemes, and this has got to stop! We’re gonna put these two parasites on BLAST.

The first landlord’s name is Allassandro Neira, and he has been subleasing out rooms to tenants without actually paying the landlord. He has been pocketing people’s security deposits and rent money!

Niera hasn’t paid rent in over eight months and the landlord has tried to evict the habitants several times! Fortunately because of the pandemic, New York City evictions are temporarily on hold. This means: the victims of the scam are STILL paying rent and STILL liable for eviction!

Black Hammer does not endorse landlords and we also don’t stand colonizers or neocolonial sellouts who steal from their own people! That’s some colonizer BS, and by betraying their colonized people, these scammers are just submissive to white power.

Several people are known to have been the victim of Neira’s schemes, but he picked the wrong comrade to scam this time – Black Hammer Organization fights tooth and nail for our comrades, and we’re not above naming and shaming when people are harming the community.

Also – the landlord, Bill Lika, is apparently notorious in Brooklyn for being scummy as well. A landlord being an awful person? Big surprise. We actually wrote about why landlords are parasites here. We need to put an end to both of their exploitative ventures.

Historically, colonialism has been aided by sellouts who throw their own people under the bus. Though they are colonized, it’s important to remember that not all skinfolk are kinfolk. We must stay vigilant in combating all forms of colonialism, even the kind that manifests in a colonized face.

Put this dude on blast. Let him and the world know that sellouts will have no future in our fight for liberation.

Black Hammer Organization does not mess! We’re fighting colonialism and neocolonialism, and scammers are part of that! If you want to fight for your community, we’re recruiting in the New York chapter!

Also, we’re building Hammer City, a place for colonized people to have full control over their lives, where there’s no landlords and no rent! Get involved or donate to build this project!

Land back!

Image showing houses of hammer city in a cluster in the woods



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