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#HammersInYoHood: New York Hammers address the material needs of the colonized people

New York – Members of Black Hammer New York (@blkhammerny) took to the streets for the #HammersInYoHood campaign. Over the course of several days, all the Black Hammer New York members were in the streets meeting people where they at!

We managed to give out hundreds of life-saving medical-grade N95 facemasks, free snacks, and hear out people’s problems and hopes for the future.

On one day, members went to Brooklyn where there happened to be a music street festival. The street was painted with a large yellow “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, and on top was a music festival. Cops were sticking to the side watching the African people hanging out on the street and enjoying the music.

people in then street which says black lives matterWhile there, we handed out free masks that people were excited to have. Initially, they were confused about who these people were wearing matching shirts, but when we approached them, they happily started chatting. People were curious about the signs we were putting up. “What was Hammer City?” “Would it really have no rent?!”


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We spoke to one group of African and Colonized guys. We asked, “What’s the number one problem in your life?” and we got mixed answers. Two of the guys said “finances!” and the third pointed out that it’s the corrupt politicians in (colonial) government that lie ALL the time.

We asked them to imagine, “what would you do if you didn’t have to worry about paying rent and had full control over your life?”

The first said he wanted to travel the world, the second wanted to “just live a little better” and the third explained, “I’d want to build hospitals and help disabled people. I’d do anything as long as it helps somebody. When you help somebody it feels good!”


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Another colonized woman with her daughter told us:

“My number one problem right now is work and trying to find a job when the kids are in school and I have to be the teacher. We’re falling behind and struggling right now for sure. If I had no rent, I would start a business with what I love to do: being creative, sewing, and making clothes. I want to be able to walk down the street with my daughter and not be judged by the color of our skin.”

Lastly, another Trinidadian woman who was happy to talk to us once we gave her some PPE laid out the problem that so many people are facing:

“Rent is my number one problem. As a single parent, rent is very high. I’m on the street right now selling. If I didn’t have to pay rent… oh lord! I’d serve the lord freely and I’d travel to Africa.”

african women saying "no rent?! oh lord'At the end of the day, we encountered an elderly amputee African woman, in a wheelchair who needed masks for herself and her family. She was SO excited to have some people want to talk to her and even provide her with some free stuff. When we let her know about our plans to build Hammer City, she shouted with glee at the prospect of living rent-free with no cops harassing her and growing her own food. 

When we parted ways, she shouted after us, “Don’t you forget about me now!”

We won’t, and hearing from her made us understand the urgency in our work! We have every reason to have optimism and confidence in the work because our work is directly combating the issues that colonialism is putting on our people!

The poor and working-class colonized people of New York are struggling with the many of the same issues that people are facing everywhere!

Black Hammer New York is meeting their needs by doing FREE mask and other PPE delivery. Black Hammer Organization is also building Hammer City as a solution to everyone’s rent and work issues.

#HammersInYoHood proves to us that the more we provide for our colonized communities the more we can unite fighting back and solving the issues of colonialism.

Land back!



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