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Black Hammer is mobilizing to get #HammersInYoHood

On Friday, September 4, the Black Hammer Organization united on plans for a new campaign: #HammersInYoHood.

Every single member of Black Hammer Organization has been mobilized to distribute FREE life-saving facemasks, free snacks and food, to spread the word about Hammer City, and to connect with our communities to listen to what THEY need to survive in this white power colonial world.

people with fists

Members of the Black Hammer Organization have taken to the streets in countries worldwide. As servants of the masses of poor and working class Colonized people, we have long said that twitter feuds and other types of online discourse are just for show because they don’t provide material change – they don’t improve the lives of our people.

Our mission of ending white power colonialism and imperialism worldwide is entire about empowering our own communities of poor and working class colonized people – especially for those who beg for change on the street, who can’t afford 3 meals a day, or who struggle to find somewhere for them and their kids to sleep at night.

Black Hammer is proud to be that organization that isn’t some theoretical book club, that doesn’t rely on academic buzzwords, and that is still more cut-throat with our work than any other out there.

people with fists on stoop

Our people don’t care about the latest discourse online, the tired rehash of the same old academic bickering, and the theatrics of corrupt bougie electoral politics. WE want to see change, and we want power right now. 

So we not just in yo hood, we in EVERY hood.

Our mission and principles of unity serve and unite all Colonized working class people on this planet, and bet that there’s nobody providing for poor and working class Colonized people – with their long term interests in mind – like Black Hammer.

demand justice sign with hammer posters

We’re meeting people where they are and serving their material needs. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing medical-grade N95 masks and other PPE to Colonized people during this pandemic, and that’s why we’re building Hammer City.

If you’re a Colonized person, hit us up for proper PPE like free medical-grade N95 masks. We deliver them to you as well.

If you’re someone who’s struggling with sending your kids #BackToSchoolToDie, we got you covered with lesson plans and guides on homeschooling.

More than anything, if you’re struggling with unemployment, lack of food, lack of housing, reach out to us for support. We’re building Hammer City for you, with “no cops, no rent, no ‘rona, and no white people!”

Join us in tearing down this world and building a new one without colonialism where nobody lives at the expense of another and we can finally be free and live good.

We’ll be in the streets. We’ll see you in the hood.

Land back!



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