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Beyoncé when are you joining the revolution?

By Comrade Ameena

Beyonce will not lead the revolution. She may not even join the revolution when shit hits the fan. Beyonce and other colonized millionaires and billionaires are not part of the revolution that colonialism, racism, sexism, and everything else that harms Black and Colonized people.

No matter how loudly celebrities scream “Black Lives Matter!”, just know that they have joined the ranks of the oppressors and their checkbook depends on maintaining colonial-capitalism.

The reality is that being pro-Black, revolutionary, and actually fighting to end material contradictions of poor and working-class Colonized people means actively being anti-colonial. Beyonce represents a submissive neocolonial sellout who would rather put profit over the lives of her own people that are dying at the hands of the state.

When Beyonce released her hit song, Formation, which included images of back up dancers in Black Panther costumes, and the sinking of police cars, the world screamed for Beyonce’s new representation of revolution.

Where’s the money?

Beyonce made so much money from her Formation Tour and from her Beychella-turned-Homecoming performance and Netflix deal which had an elitist representation of historically black colleges and universities. It’s clear to see that Beyonce glamorizing the revolution really just benefits her billionaire lifestyle.

Beyonce can stand on the roof of a sinking police car and be called a savior, meanwhile, poor and working-class Colonized people are actually smashing police cars, and then are being jailed or killed for it.

Who did Beyonce pay for the police car that she sinks in her million-dollar video? New Orleans Police Department benefitted from the sinking of that vehicle. The very institution that murders us was paid for us to watch their police car sink.

If Beyonce was truly a threat to Amerikkka’s imperial empire, if they truly believed Beyonce could lead the revolution to overthrow the government and return power to the proletariat, Amerikkka’s gangsters would have already silenced her or attempted to murder her, as they’ve historically done to true revolutionaries like Assata Shakur.

Beyonce’s wears revolutionary costumes while claiming to be “a Black Bill Gates in the making”, and this is proof that she is white power in Blackface. When you are worth 400 million dollars, it’s clear that any fake revolutionary work done will be done to further line your pockets. She makes it look cool, but doesn’t actually encourage people to get up, organize, and overthrow colonialism.

Some members of the Beyhive might be wondering, “Doesn’t Beyonce donates to charity with the money she makes?” Yup — Beyonce and Jay-Z donate millions to charities. The catch? They, like all other wealthy sellouts do this to receive a tax break! This saves them money and helps builds their brands in a way that’s not actually threatening to their income!


Capitalism is not revolutionary. Capitalists can not lead the revolution.

As revolutionaries, it is disappointing to consider the celebrities we’ve always praised will not save us from Amerikkka’s murdering hands, because they have bought themselves protection from feeling the impacts of capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism.

If we are to truly end the unnecessary suffering of poor and working class colonized people, we have to internalize that celebrities aren’t our saviors. The true power of the masses lies within us, the Colonized proletariat, the poor and working class colonized people.

We have to come together and organize lead this revolution ourselves! No celebrity will do it for us, and let’s not wait – if Beyoncé wants to, she can commit class suicide to give up her source of wealth, join Black Hammer Organization, and unite with the struggle of the poor and working class African and Colonized people.

If you have the strength to fight for liberation, join Black Hammer Organization. If you feel too weak and don’t yet know your place in the revolution, join Black Hammer Organization and become strong through political education, self-defense classes, mental health access, and other projects that will build you up to fight for complete liberation.

Let’s stop waiting and empower ourselves. Help us build Hammer City so we don’t need to depend on celebrities who aren’t coming to help.

Land back!




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