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6 steps to homeschool your kid– Black Hammer style

By Comrade Saint

We know that the public school system is mandatory because it’s impossible for them to discredit and dismiss the issues of colonized people from an early age. In a time of social unification, we all have been made well aware of just how much the state seeks to omit the history and material needs. Here are six tips from the Black Hammer Organization so that you can take you and your child’s self-determination back! Even though the colonial states are pushing hybrid methods, these may be even more risky, so keep your kids at home to save their lives!

1. Check the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state 

Every state has its own rules, and we don’t want the pigs messing with us. You can find an overview of current homeschool laws here.


2. Organize parents in your area

Get with other parents in your area or involved. It’s a chance to politically educate them,  introduce them to the Black Hammer Home School Guide and win them to our Four Principles of Unity.  You can also pool resources for school supplies and whatever testing the state may require while providing the example of community problem solving to your children and ensuring an emphasis on education centering colonized children.

3. Secure your child’s records

If your child has been in public school for a while the district will have a file containing their medical and academic records. Get all that shit. It’s important to have all of your child’s things and ensure that all your bases are covered.

4. Talk about it with your child

Be honest and clear about your plan to withdraw your child from public school, talk about their needs, and be sure to listen to what they have to say. Any change a child has during this pandemic is going to be impactful. Stress and tension are inevitable and the only way to get ahead of that is to communicate.

5. Let the school know

You don’t have to in all states but some require a notice. Do every part of the withdrawal by the book in order to avoid state interferences like truancy officers, CPS, etc.

6. Explore homeschooling options

Use the Black Hammer Home School Guide. Black Hammer has a political education team that has worked hard to compile and research a curriculum to aide parents in attempting something that none of us have dealt with before. As servants of the colonized proletariat, we seek to aide our people how we can.

Black Hammer Organization recognizes that the colonial and neocolonial states we live under don’t have our children’s best interests at heart! They want us to send our kids to school so we can go back to work and our kids can go #Back2School2Die!

We won’t allow it! Poor and working class colonized people need to have dictatorship over our own lives and that includes self-determination in education!

For even more self-determination, Black Hammer Organization is building a city, by and for colonized people. Hammer City will be a city where our children are protected and fully provided for.

With your help we can improve our lives and protect our children – join today and donate to Hammer City!

Land back!



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