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BLF × BHO – save the date for a historic revolutionary collab!

On Sunday, September 6, Black First Land First (BLF) and Black Hammer Organization (BHO), two revolutionary organizations, will be broadcasting a historic meeting on social media.

This is the start of solidarity engagements between these two groups. The struggle of black people the world over is one because we are facing the same brutal enemy ­– white power colonialism.

The two leaders, President Andile Mngxitama of BLF and Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo of BHO, will discuss the state of global black resistance in light of the number of challenges facing the colonized people of the world. The discussion will also zero-in on the Black Lives Matter moment and other important themes.

A little about Black First Land First: it’s an organization based in South Africa/Occupied Azania whose desired end goal is to usher in a Black socialist society where exploitation and oppression cease to exist.

Notably, Black First Land First defines Black as a class which includes not just Africans, but also Indians and coloreds (people of color who may be mixed race or from other non-white nations).

This mirrors Black Hammer Organization’s second and fourth principles of unity which state that all colonized people are equal and only through the leadership of the colonized proletariat can “white power, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all its symptomatic offspring be smashed.”

But also, the political views of Black First Land First and Black Hammer Organization have many parallels. The BLF constitution reads:

Land and racism are the building blocks of colonialism, neo-colonialism and its attendant forms of oppression, such as patriarchy, tribalism, self-hate and Afrophobia, amongst the people

Noting with deep concern that 22 years after democracy: black people remain oppressed, excluded and denigrated; South Africa remains an anti-black country, and; racism is normalized where we live and resides in the body politics (which includes the law, the economy, what we eat, what education we get, healthcare, salaries, wages and social existence). In short, blacks remain last and at the bottom.

We therefore commit to struggle for real liberation conditional on two main pillars:

1. Black First!
2. Land First!

Black Hammer Organization also upholds the importance of land in terms of liberatory power, with its two main calls to action: “Black power!” and “Land back!”

Additionally, Black Hammer Organization has begun the Hammer City project to provide for the colonized masses, and directly overturn colonialism. Hammer City will be a city by and for colonized people on land which has been returned to and is under control of its Indigenous rightful stewards.

Although there are many similarities between the organizations, their political programs have some differences.

For example, one of the methods of revolution for Black First Land First is winning political power. To that end, it promises to prevent corruption on the political level, requiring elected officials to take the Thomas Sankara Oath. Right now, Black Hammer Organization isn’t striving to win elected positions.

Also, Black First Land First is primarily focused on South Africa/Occupied Azania and it seeks to establish a Socialist Republic of Azania. On the other hand, Black Hammer Organization aims to be an international organization, which currently includes chapters in amerikkka, Nigeria, Brazil, the Philippines, and several other countries.

Black Hammer Organization is thrilled for the opportunity to start a collab with Black First Land First. The vision shared by these two organizations is sure to spark a fiery revolutionary discussion.

This historic meeting between President Andile Mngxitama of BLF and Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo of BHO is set to be streamed live on various platforms on the September 6 at 20:00 SAST / 2 pm EDT.

Black Power! Black First!

Land First! Land Back!



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