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Wakanda is fake but Hammer City is real: #RIPChadwick

The chant “Wakanda Forever!” is iconic in Disney’s Black Panther. It’s a milestone in western imperialist cinema to have a nearly all-African cast. The tragic passing of actor Chadwick Boseman reminds us of the inspiration of Black Panther and how the fight is not over for African and colonized people.

Black Panther is one of the first big-budget mainstream action movies to be about African self-determination. It depicted a society in which African people had dictatorship over their lives, land, labor, and resources instead of suffering under white power colonialism.

The vision of Wakanda, a home for Africans where they can be strong, resonated with poor and working class colonized African people.

Black Hammer Organization is made up of poor and working class Colonized people. We collectively decided that it’s not enough to just have this imaginary version of Wakanda depicted on a screen. We need to have actual self-determination and build for ourselves.

And so… the Hammer City project was born, to serve as our communities with housing and shelter, and also act as real-world inspiration for the world we can build.

Hammer City is a society built for African and colonized poor and working class people, under the leadership of the land’s Indigenous people. Hammer City will have:

  1. No CORONA
  2. No COPS
  3. No RENT

And apart from actually being real, Hammer City is going to be BETTER than Wakanda.

Wakanda is home to valuable resources, but the Wakandans hid from the colonizers. No anti-colonial movement has survived from hiding from the people. Hammer City will be at the forefront of defending its people and the land it is on.

Even T’Challa and those loyal to him just wanted to open Wakanda to economic exploitation. Hammer City will put its people first and defend them from colonial imperialism.

T'Challa and chief talking about opening wakanda and expecting starbucks and olympics
The neocolonial dream of Starbucks corporation everywhere.

Wakanda under T’Challa’s neocolonial rule happily welcomed colonizers INCLUDING those who work for the CIA, the agency responsible for killing millions of Colonized people around the world.

“I’m one of the nice colonizers!”

T’Challa was fooled by his CIA “friend,” but Hammer city knows there is no reforming with colonizers. Even when whites pretend to be progressive, liberal, or even socialist, they are materially invested in hoarding and keeping all the wealth stolen from Colonized people and our land.

Our 3rd principle of unity states that all problems Colonized people face are due to colonizers and submissive neocolonial sellouts like Kamala Harris. The only thing colonizers and their puppets can do is pay reparations and get out of our way to let the Colonized proletariat, the poor and working class people, lead the revolution.

CIA colonizer honest about how they do regime change.

Disney portrayed Killmonger to be a bad person by making a mockery out of actual revolutionaries like the Black Panther Party of the 1960s. Colonizers to this day continue to make jokes about revolutionaries.

For real though…colonized people need unity!

But Black Hammer Organization continues the legacy of our ancestor’s struggles, and continues the fight for all Colonized people by meeting the material needs of our people and politicizing the masses.

Hammer City is our first significant step towards meeting goals, and today, the Land Liberators of Black Hammer Organization have announced the location of Hammer City.

And at the same time, Black Hammer Organization honors the life of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played T’Challa. On this day we remember Boseman for inspiring African and colonized people worldwide in his role in Black Panther.

Thank you for inspiring us Chadwick.

Wakanda is not all bad, but at the end of the day, it’s the colonizer’s distorted vision of the world we aim to build. As we break free of the colonizer’s world, we build upon the progress of our ancestors who have passed. Through imperfection, we struggle forward.

If Black Panther resonated with you, and you want a world with real self-determination, join Black Hammer Organization or contribute resources towards the construction of Hammer City and bring a better version of Wakanda to life.

Land back!



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