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5 ways Hammer City will improve city living for colonized people

By Comrade Saint

Hammer city is the biggest project that Black Hammer Organization has taken on so far. The biggest material action the org can do is return the land to colonized people and Hammer City will be the first step to that. The team is hard at work, and the constitution of the city has just been announced. This weekend the location of the first Hammer City will be announced.

1. Sustainable living comes standard

Alongside the Indigenous Land Liberators stewardship board, the Hammer City campaign has multiple teams for design, water, power, and permaculture to ensure that the life of a Hammer City citizen is as safe and sustainable as possible.

Even the most non-woke liberal person can admit that the colonial state uses housing as a way to further colonized oppression. What people often don’t realize is parasitic relationship impacts all parts of the housing industry. Climate change makes wood cellularly weaker, and also the industry doesn’t think about making structures as last, so they’re wasteful with the materials.


2. Housing is going to durable with less upkeep, putting people first – NOT profits

The Hammer City design team works hard to research and calculate the needs of a colonized person in order to ensure that Hammer City will have no one living at the expense of another colonized person.

The design team has researched and weighed the pros and cons of every type of housing, removing the colonial lens to examine what will actually create safe structures, whereas most houses today are built with the aim to further capitalism.

The common finance drain in living and owning a house often comes with maintenance. Common issues in houses today are dangerous roofing and foundation repairs.

These are so common because of the push to build structures that force working class colonized people into weaker structures for lower costs. Either the colonial state kills or works these people to death before the structure collapses, or these workers get trapped in a cycle of paying expensive repairs.

Regardless it’s a lose-lose situation that the Hammer City design team plans to nip in the bud. They’re going to source materials built to last and make multipurpose or sustainable choices in order to minimize the collective carbon footprint of the city and the drainage to the land.


3. There will be respect for water

The design team will be working with the water team to minimize the risk of water damage in the homes in Hammer City.

A sizeable portion of the research is going into ensuring that water damage and mold will be stopped in building design or in built-in building maintenance.

The design team and water team also work together to ensure that home water usage will be sustainable as well.

Rainwater collection systems will be worked into the design of homes as well. The design and appearance of the structures will accommodate these systems as well.


4. There will be food but there won’t be pests

The design and permaculture teams will be working together to address issues like pest control and invasive species that may damage the above-mentioned water structures and the gardens worked into the city.

Pest control is one of the money traps people struggle to handle in the face of climate change and the failing system of capitalism and one of the many preventions to growing food.

Also, the permaculture and design teams are working together to integrate food growing in the homes of Hammer City in a seamless manner.


5. Electricity and power will be guaranteed

Lastly, design and power teams will work together to ensure that every home is powered. Besides astronomical utility bills, most modern buildings are precarious on how the power systems interact with building materials.

The design of all structures has as few hazards as possible, including electrical fires.

Local and renewable power generation will also avoid the general annoyance of city power outages. This minimizes the risk of power failure due to system overload and the overuse of power.

Hammer City is a project to provide sustainable living and resources by and for colonized people (people of color). When we’re not stuck with the parasitic city planning from the colonizers, and when we have self-determination over our land, lives, labor, and resources, there’s no limit to the quality of living we can achieve.

If you want to help build self determination, sign up to get involved or donate to our CashApp or GoFundme!

Land back!



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