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Kamala Harris is an abusive cop who’s trying to win us to white power

by Chief Hash

Dementia Joe has been desperately trying to find a reason for people to vote for him; one fake promise after another. One notable publicity stunt was his promise to find a woman for his vice president.

All 12 women Biden was considering were white power colonizers or submissive neocolonials who don’t mind selling out communities of color. In what can only be described as senile tone-deafness, after months of uprisings against police killings of African colonized people, the liberal Demokkkratic party has decided that they want the “top cop of the biggest state in the country” as vice president.

In 2016, colonizers wouldn’t even vote for a white supremacist like Hillary Clinton, so choosing Kamala is 100% a ploy to fool colonized people into supporting this sinking system.

As Audre Lorde wrote,

The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change

The liberals in the Democratic party don’t actually want systemic change to overturn the contradictions (issues) of colonialism. They’re rabidly pro-white power, and as we know, even white liberal socialists lack the revolutionary and liberatory power of the masses of poor and working-class African and colonized people.

Tweet showing a white liberal praising Kamala for putting pronouns in her twitter bio
Liberals get distracted when sellouts try to rebrand themselves in a progressive way.

Kamala is a mixed-race Jamaican-Indian woman who is liberal enough to list her gender pronouns. Liberals think in terms of “intersectional identity politics” and this makes them think that because Kamala has all these identities that she’s on the side of oppressed people.

But as dialectical materialists, who think in terms of historical facts and opposing forces, we know that the main, underlying issue is colonialism. Also, we know that Kamala has sold out poor and working-class colonized communities, and participated in their oppression, all for her own career growth!

For example, Kamala puts gender pronouns in her Twiter bio to distract us from the fact that she was responsible for putting a transgender woman, Michelle Norsworthy, in a men’s prison, and trying to deny her gender-affirming healthcare.

Even Kamala’s own father, a Marxist professor, understood that electing black neocolonial sellouts is a pointless goal:

The American system will and can obviously accept a certain amount of “integration” of blacks into the state apparatus and into the economy at various levels. But those who hold power in this system are not about to, and can never willingly, “preside over” the breakup of the American state.

biden and kamala arresting someone

Black Hammer Organization maintains that African and Colonized people worldwide need dictatorship over their lives, land, labor, and resources. All the problems we face – lack of jobs, housing issues, racism, sexism, etc – are because of white power colonialism, and the neocolonial sellouts who want to win us back while continuing to build this system.

Kamala is the perfect example of the submissive neocolonials whose job is to sell out their communities by tricking people into believing that this colonial-capitalist-imperialist system can ever serve the needs of African and Colonized people. It can’t.

The entire parasitic system of white power capitalism depends on the genocide of African and Colonized people worldwide.

Kamala brags about imprisoning kids and mothers.


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But we can listen to the heartfelt words of those people who she has directly oppressed:


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Don’t vote for Kamala Harris who wants to keep people on the sinking ship that is the united snakes of amerikkka! It doesn’t matter who’s in the white [power] house because the sinking system they represent is crumbling and built on the theft and killing of our colonized communities. Instead, organize to bring true empowerment and self-determination to your communities, join Black Hammer Organization as we tear this system down and build a new one.

With Hammer City, we’re returning the stolen land to its Indigenous owners. We recently released the draft Constitution of Hammer City, and we want your feedback. This is the first step, and we are recruiting people who are sick of this current electoral system; a waste of everyone’s time.

Land back!$BuildHammerCity



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