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STFU Kyle Mccarter! Imperialist Hypocrisy Runs Amuck in Kenya

By Comrade Kask

Nairobi, Kenya – Scandal-ridden u.s. ambassador to Kenya Kyle Mccarter loves to fix his raggedy azz fingers to pontificate on twitter. If he’s not blaming colonized Africans in this ex-British protectorate known as Kenya for their dire material conditions, he’s chiding our neocolonial sellout leaders and asking them to “do better” and stop being so corrupt.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that perhaps, he has a point. But that’s rich coming from a colonizer like him, an agent of amerikkkan imperialism.

Mccarter’s unhinged rants on twitter are something to marvel at. The hypocrisy reeks through my device. He was busted for spending more than $33,000 on some shady campaign “consultancy fee” (while still losing the campaign). How are you going to be sanctimonious about corruption when you were fleecing your own people?

Mccarter, like many before him, epitomizes the “white saviour complex”. This colonizer really believes in his caucasian noggin that he’s saving us from some amorphous corrupt force. But the gag is….HE is the corrupt force.

Ambassador Kyle McCarter meets Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti on
Neocolonial Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti can’t find the colonizer right in front of him!

He keeps harping on about how Kenya is in ruins because of unnamed corrupt (neocolonial) leaders, but he has brunch with the same people he is supposedly complaining about.

Mccarter is always sheepishly smiling in pics with the grand wizard of corruption in Kenya. As the representative of the corrupt amerikkkan state, he keeps signing deals with the Kenyan mafia also known as G.O.K.

Mccarter is being deliberately obtuse and insincere with his pious persona on twitter. He knows damn well that the u.s. has enabled the plunder of African resources and has propped up regimes that came to power under the spectre of the most heinous international crime charges.

Mccarter is being selective with his rage. He goes on and on about Kenyan “politrickcians” spending money on luxury items and vehicles, but he should bring on the same heat to American companies facilitating this in exchange for blood money from Kenya! You know, Ford, General Motors, Michael Kors, the whole shebang.

Capitalist hell hole Amerikkka is responsible for creating corruption in Kenya. They force “loans” on us Kenyans in the guise of “development”. This money with strings attached is ostensibly supposed to fund education, health, infrastructure development, etc. Regardless of the intentions, it ends up in offshore accounts in u.s. controlled Panama or a plethora of amerikkkan “investment companies”.

Amerikkkan “aid” has never ever been about altruism. Its sole purpose is gaining commercial and political advantage for u.s. colonial interests by colluding with neocolonialist sellouts in Kenya.

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta talking with Trump
Kenyan neocolonial president Uhuru Kenyatta pleads the colonizers for more money

So why the hell is Mccarter concerned about G.O.K misappropriating the pocket change they throw at Kenya in exchange for our precious resources?

This colonizer has the audacity to ask Kenyans who are just trying to survive amerikkkan aggression to fight the state.  How Mccarter, how? Didn’t your illegitimate settler-colony country put these neocolonialists in this position? Aren’t they doing YOUR bidding?

Corruption is quintessentially amerikkkan. Stolen land, stolen Africans, stolen resources from Africa, profitable wars – you name it!  I’m not in any way trying to defend the transgressions of corrupt neocolonialists in Kenya but boy, they learnt from the best.

Someone needs to muzzle Mccarter and let him know that his country paved the way for all the grand looting in Kenya. He should SHUT THE FUCK UP and pay reparations.

Mccarter, PAY UP and give poor and working class Kenyans their LAND BACK: https://cash.app/$BuildHammerCity




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