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#Back2school2DIE: The Charlotte school system won’t protect the kids!

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By Chief Ismat

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (BHO) – The state of North Carolina is in reopening Phase 2 until September 11, but many places are reopening before it’s safe. North Carolina gyms found a loophole to open during Phase 2, claiming to need money to keep the business running. This is colonial amerikkka… so of course, money is more important than black and colonized poor working-class people.

Schools are also opening before it’s safe. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools had to change their decision after parents complained. Initially, the schools allowed parents to vote for how they want schools to open up. There were three choices: Plan A with daily face-to-face instruction, Plan B with a mix of online and in-person learning, and Plan C with fully online remote learning.

Initially, on July 9, the schools decided to go with Plan B. A couple of weeks later, it was announced that they would go with a ‘Plan B + Remote’ that includes two weeks of in-person teaching, then online. By the end of the month, the schools reluctantly announced they’d go with the fully online Plan C for the 2020-21 school year.

School officials said they made this decision to avoid having a shortage of nurses, bus drivers, custodians, and teachers. But now, parents are considering the option of private schooling since private schools do not follow the Charlotte Mecklenburg School guidelines and many of them decided on in-person learning. 

Colonizers keep only themselves safe in North Carolina. – National Guard

But even with remote learning which keeps their kids safe, why are parents still unhappy? One parent named Bollinger said, “My third grader was practically given a packet of paper and told to figure out third-grade math on his own.” The parent continued, “The zoom calls were used to read a book to him, they were not used for instruction.”

Bollinger and her husband both work full-time and are having trouble with the kids at home. Where is the support for working-class parents? The parent​_s are stuck in the middle between no good education for their kids and no support for themselves.

The Black Hammer Organization offers a K-5 Homeschooling Guide, a resource for families and childcare providers to provide safe, efficient, and inexpensive structure to a homeschooling program. 

Black Hammer also offers a childcare recommendations & practices guide for parents and care-givers. These two free resources, along with Black Hammer’s Freedom School initiative, are there to support parents during this pandemic and to educate our youth on their history. The information is designed to empower them with full control over their lives, labor, resources, and land, which gives them hope for a better future for themselves.  

This issue of schooling is not unique to Charlotte. In Mississippi, 245 teachers and 199 students tested positive for COVID-19 before school even went back in session. Additionally, Mississippi had to close schools again only a week after opening them. This is a national problem and it shows the disgusting inhumanity of the colonizer mindset where poor and working-class colonized children are going back to school to die all in order to sacrifice the families for a profit.

Even the Mecklenburg County Health Director, Gibbie Harris, supported in-person learning, knowing it will kill children. You’d think that someone would be protective and would know what to do for educational entities, but colonizers have no humanity.

Colonial Health Director tries to explain why African kids need to die.


This pandemic has revealed and proven to the world that colonial capitalism doesn’t work and that the oppressive amerikkkan regime has never cared for its people as it claims. Those things were already known to a majority of the population, but now more people are coming to their senses about this. 

Furthermore, poor and colonized (“minority”) students have a higher risk of contracting the virus due to worse living conditions, air quality, and food insecurity.

This is why we need Hammer City. We as colonized, working-class folks need to take care of each other because the state clearly won’t. Black Hammer is the only organization that puts us, our needs, and our poor and working-class colonized people first. 

We have a COVID Aid program to distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and we are fighting to make material changes to benefit our people. We’re building Hammer City because that is what the people need and demand. And at Black Hammer Organization, we provide practical material-based solutions to resolve colonial contradictions.

We need everyone who has the humanity to care about colonized children and their working parents to donate to $BuildHammerCity today, and if you’re feeling generous, to $BHDirtySouth to assist the Southern Region efforts continuing to distribute free N-95 masks to colonize people in NC, SC, GA, FL, TX, OK, AL, and KY. 



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