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Missouri governor says when kids catch COVID-19 “they’re not going to the hospitals”

By Chief Oleandr

Missouri governor Mike Parson is at it again. This time, the colonizer governor of Missouri has a lot of alarming (albeit unsurprising) things to say about schools reopening in the Show-Me state.

In an interview with online journalist and fascist sympathizer Marc Cox, Parson’s word vomit showed just how insidious white power can be. Parson begins by fumbling over his words, saying he believes the citizens of Missouri are smart enough to know the risks of COVID and implying that masks weren’t necessary– he then ‘clarified’, stating

“I’m not anti-mask…I just don’t think it’s [the] government’s place [to tell people to wear masks].”

What Parson, Cox, and too many other colonizers to count refuse to admit is that wearing masks does prevent the spread of COVID19. Numerous studies have shown that wearing masks prevent saliva and other droplets from one person from getting into the air, where those droplets can stay for hours. Studies, mind you, that state officials have first access to.

Despite this, many Missouri schools (especially those with majority colonized students) are reopening without mask mandates. Kids under 2nd grade age aren’t required to wear masks, despite the fact that children can suffer from and spread the virus.

Parson had nothing good to say about this, either. “These kids have go to get back to school,” he said. “They’re at the lowest risk possible. And if they do get COVID19, which they will, and they will when they go to school- they’re not going to the hospitals. They’re not going to have to sit in doctor’s offices. They’re going to go home and get over it.”

Tell that to the children who have died from rona-related complications, Mike.

Colonized people are at higher risk of infection and death from corona due the segregation of covid-19 into colonized communities—don’t be fooled, this isn’t an accident. Reopening the schools actively puts our colonized youth in harm’s way, and the state and federal government both know this. It’s a not-so-secret plot to oppress and harm our communities in order to save a doomed economy.

Gov. Parson didn’t stop there. Yeah, this was a ten-minute interview with Parson pledging his allegiance to the status quo that benefits him and the white ruling class. He then spoke on the McCloskeys, the couple who pointed their loaded guns (fingers on the trigger) at protestors in St. Louis’s Central West End.

Parson had this to say on the matter; “By all means, I would [pardon them], and I think that’s exactly what would happen.. If this is all about going after them because they.. Did a lawful act, then yeah, if that scenario in fact happened, I don’t think they’re going to spend any time in jail.”

Of course he’d ignore Missouri law (which states “in the presence of one or more persons, any weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner” is wrong) just to help his fellow colonizers get away with purposefully inciting fear among a group of mainly African and Colonized protestors. Parson is all too aware of the fact that criminality does not apply to Becky’s and Tom’s trying to lynch us.

He even lauded Trump’s efforts to get involved, saying he was thankful that Trump “[did] everything he could within his powers to help with the situation and that he would be taking action to [do the same].”

No pigs, No ‘rona, No rent

We know all too well that these colonizers-in-arms will stop at nothing to uphold white nationalism, to keep colonized people under their control and purposefully oppress, subjugate and actively genocide us.

However, there is a place where we can go to escape this abuse– Hammer City. We know that if you control the land, you can control the people on the land. In the united snakes, the land is controlled by the colonizer, and the colonized people are the ones who are always put at a disadvantage. Free the land, free the people!




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