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Missouri Pig Chief Refuses Community Requests to ‘Step Down’

By Chief DX

Auxvasse, MO—Pig Chief Kevin Suedmeyer recently came under fire for Facebook posts displaying murderous intent towards protestors in the rebellions following the lynching of George Floyd. His posts, aimed viciously at Black and Native peoples in the united snakes, were drenched in racism!

After these recent posts were brought to the public’s attention, Pig Chief Suedmeyer was given a leave of absence, not fired, not charged, which is normal under colonialism. According to this pig, the head of “public safety,” if your act of rebellion against an injust and parasitic system is even a slight inconvenience for local white power systems, in any way, you deserve to DIE.

Not to mention the implied race science “clean up the gene pool” TRASH!

Colonialism has a documented history of equating non-whites with animals, and using the supposed shapes and sizes of skulls to determine intellectual and moral capacity within ethnicities.

These kinds of dehumanizing, disgusting, false justifications, rooted in the heart of white power, are not only alive, but eagerly kicking. Such qualifications led Dylan Roof to massacre 9 African people, in a historically Black Charleston church, on June 17th 2015.

Out the mouth of murderous cave dweller, Dylan Roof, fed to him by his mother—colonialism.

That same false justification led the pigs to walk Dylan Roof away in handcuffs, whereas Africans are routinely gunned down in their own homes.

Science has consistently been used for the advancement of colonialism and genocide, from the ship and canon both of which bombarded the lush and prosperous shores of Africa 600 years ago, to the manufacturing of lethal drones and aggressive surveillance tactics employed daily by the state and its lackeys all around the world. As well as in our own backyards.

But what else should we expect from a system, be it republican or democrat, that offers justification of violence on its side, and never the retaliation it faces from the colonized people?

Within barely 24 hours of their “Leave of Absence,” and after a verbal warning, Pig Chief Suedmeyer was reinstated.

This is someone who has the power to carry arms and patrol a street near YOU. The government, the state of Missouri and the Auxvasse pig department sure don’t seem to mind that.

Black Hammers response to a system that would let this happen to begin with.

As a response to this obvious contradiction, around 30 people, mostly colonizers, gathered in the streets to protest their outspoken chief. Local news outlets quoted them as demanding, at the very least, “a response.”

If these colonizers were paying attention, they would see the response was already given. A warning to the potential killer chief to keep murder talk between themselves and their lord, colonialism, and for those who disagree to shut up and deal with it.

The leader of the protest is in talks with the Jefferson city branch NAACP, a tool of the democratic party implemented to keep Black people in line with the status quo, in a foolish attempt to ensure “our voices are heard, even after this protest.” They were also noted as saying they wanted the pig chief “to resign…” and “for people to vote,” for candidates “on the right side of history.”

My question is, where are those candidates on the right side of history?

When have our voices been heard?

(Tip: It’s never been with the help of the NAACP, ask Martin Luther King )

Where are those people who are demonstrating their willingness to move forward and change the status quo?

They’re not the politicians that prop the colonial system up. All they do is take out one murderous dog, and replace it with another (more dangerous) beast, and that’s the most you could expect to look forward to. That’s what the state is, and that’s what white power does.

The only way we can move forward, make a change and be on the right side of history is if we do it ourselves.

There are many colonized people, countries and nations that have taken their destinies in their own hands and are doing just that, making a world for its people and not the seizure of profits and people.

Pictured: The people’s governments of China looking mad cute and taking active measures to combat Covid-19.

White power, through colonialism, has done everything in its power to prevent decolonization. Regardless, colonized people have been resisting this raping, thieving system since the first boat sailed from Europe in hopes of conquering and pillaging the rest of us.

We today are the continuation of that resistance.

Pictured: Black Hammer’s Nigeria Chapter making a change, defying white power and providing the poor and working masses with life-saving PPE and Supplies.

Where do we go from here to see REAL change, to see an END to the horrors and injustice colonized people face daily?

Black Hammer has the solution; HammerCity!!!


The land is the ONLYYYYYY solution to the question of power! The colonizer knows this, and that’s why they’re everywhere, because #LandIsPower.

Hammer City is an anti-colonial project to take back the land and return it to the indigenous stewards it rightfully belongs to.

Imagine, a city with NO pigs, with 0% Covid cases, with NO RENT and for People of Color ONLY!!!

That’s the thing, you don’t have to just imagine it. With enough support you can literally take part in making it a reality!!!

Black Hammer is standing on the right side of history and we ask that you join us in destroying colonialism once and for all, and building a world where NO ONE lives at the expense of another!!


You can ALSO help us build our Missouri Chapter

Cashapp: $BHMissouri

Paypal: BHMissouri

Venmo: BH-Missouri



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