Black Hammer drafts Hammer City founding Constitution

Black Hammer drafts Hammer City founding Constitution

8/15/20 – Black Hammer announces creation of a founding Constitution for Hammer City.

The official Constitution was written by the organization’s Land Liberators, the Indigenous Chiefs responsible for overseeing the dictatorship over the liberated territory of Hammer City. Chief Xiuh, the leader of the committee, said in a statement, “A constitutional document is necessary to keep transparency with all of its inhabitants. It also exposes the illegitimate rule of of our adversary, the u.s., expressed in the laws of it’s own constitution.”

The committee will also be responsible for overseeing the Constitution’s ratification.

The announcement was made on over livestream on Black Hammer’s Facebook page. According to the Land Liberators, the Constitution will act as a living document that will be used as a template to write Constitutions for all Hammer Cities in the future.

The final ratification of the document will take place on September 22nd, and the Land Liberators are requesting feedback on the document now.

“Our adversary’s governing documents are meant to regulate which colonized nation will be oppressed, and how,” explains Chief Xiuh. “Our organization’s governing documents are meant to express our undying commitment to the liberation of all indigenous and colonized people under the stewardship of Turtle Island’s rightful inhabitants.”

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