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Hate the heat? Blame it on Colonialism.

By Comrade Llabbe

A survey of more than 1,600 outdoor workers in the steamy cities of Vietnam revealed that two-thirds experienced symptoms of heat exhaustion during heatwaves.

Vietnam, like the rest of the world, is feeling the mounting effects of a colonially enforced climate change.

The Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) explained that heat related health threats to workers are growing as the planet warms. The two hardest-hit sectors will be agriculture and construction, with South Asia and West Africa being the regions to lose the most productivity to the heat.

Other, less obvious negative effects are also starting to take a toll—for instance, loss of productivity. Mounting research points to the harmful physical and mental effects of direct heat. Globally, warmer temperatures dampen worker productivity, which, when Colonialism forces workers into wage labor, drives working class colonized people further into poverty.

Women in Bangladesh work in a crowded factory

Like those in South Asia and West Africa, poor and working-class Colonized people are placed in the most danger and have the most taken from them. Everything is made by us, but we’re the most oppressed sectors of the world!

The united snakes turns up the heat

A new report out this week from the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council warned of a dangerous combo of climate stress and COVID-19 hitting both outdoor and indoor workers in the united snakes.

Firefighters are already battling an active wildfire season in the west. Public health nurses are giving outdoor COVID-19 tests. Many Colonized teachers forced to return to classrooms will be lacking air conditioning.

Even inside the heart of the Colonial empire, colonized working masses are segregated into the poorest and most depleted lands and jobs. Climate change pays no attention to the fake borders of Colonialism. Poor and working class Colonized people will be no safer in amerikkka than they are in any other part of the world.

The white ruling classes and their lackeys have been forced to admit that their precious Capitalism is a massive failure in the face of a warming climate. Even an economic giant like the united snakes is threatened by what economists are calling a “Great Dying”.

This kind of description for the largest economic disaster that history has ever recorded covers up what Colonized people have always known since being forced into this system of Colonial-Capitalism. Namely, that the system has always been a Great Dying for us.

While colonizers are wringing their hands over the death of their economy, their death of comfort, poor and working class Colonized people are fighting to literally keep their heads above water.

The united snakes have been leading the looting and polluting of the world, and enforced total climate catastrophe on the vast majority of the world.

Good for profits

Orlando Green, a school bus owner and operator who lives in Slidell, Louisiana, said that he’s seen heat “get way out of normal range” in his lifetime. His is one of billions of “essential” jobs made more dangerous by rising temperatures, as he and the children under his care suffer from the heat.

“During the humid summers, with all 40 kids crowded inside, the heat index can reach around 105 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the bus,” he said, noting that the heat destroys the children’s health, behavior, and learning.

The colonial government which runs the school, knows that it’s good for the budget to force colonized children into even worse circumstances.

Researchers like Andreas Flouris, an associate professor at Greece’s University of Thessaly, told the GHHIN that certain governments are now “waking up” to the rising health and economic threat to their workforce from scorching temperatures and high humidity.

One reason is that surveillance technology has allowed scientists to monitor more closely what is happening to exposed workers and to calculate the monetary consequences for employers. Rather than solve the problem, they are calculating the bare minimum of support needed to maintain rising profits.

“Now that they are also seeing the impact on their bottom line – the economic costs – they are twice as likely to engage in this,” Flouris said.

Take back the land!

Colonized people cannot wait upon their colonial governments to hand them solutions to problems that those governments caused. Colonized people built this infrastructure for the founding fathers of colonial amerikkka, which the white ruling class sits atop to this day.

Behind every rich white person and Colonized sellout are hundreds of poor colonized people who work at gunpoint. Yet, we can overturn this by taking back our land and uniting to take down Colonialism.

Only when Colonized workers take their land back can we live with and for the earth. The democrats and republicans are colonial parties. Their solutions to the climate crisis require colonized resources such as lithium and our labor in order to create the green revolution.

Black Hammer, on the other hand, is bulding Hammer City, where working-class and poor Colonized people can practice self-determination. We can finally let the oppressor’s economy die because we will have built a system of our own to provide for ourselves without white power.

The fact that Colonialism has brought humanity to the brink of extinction is proof enough that it is not invincible. What the mounting Climate Disaster has started, Colonized people will finish—we will once and for all smash the regimes of Colonialism and Capitalism! We will build Hammer City!




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