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How White Power Pushes the Opioid Epidemic in Harlem

By Chief Ai, Chief of Black Hammer New York Chapter

Harlem, NYC ­– One Comrade in the Black Hammer New York Chapter has seen a dangerous opioid mixture flooding his community. The name of this drug is Black Check: fentanyl mixed with heroin.

There is a white man who drops Black Check off to African and Colonized people in Harlem, who then go on to sell the drug to the community. The colonizer has been sighted multiple times on 125th street.

The Comrade witnessed the destruction Black Check can have when one of his friends overdosed and died from this drug.

Although it’s been around for a while, recently, more African and Colonized people (people of color) in Harlem have been overdosing on it.

Heroin destroys the mind and has people laying in the streets, spaced out. They pass out and the drug slowly chokes the life out of them.

White nationalists have always been pushing drugs into our communities. It’s no secret that the united snakes government and the CIA flooded Black and Brown neighborhoods with crack cocaine in the ’80s and then declared a ‘war on drugs’.

The pigs claim that we are the one responsible for the drug epidemics tearing our communities apart. Yet, when we investigate their source, it’s the pigs peddling these drugs. This government enforced addiction is also another way to boost police and prison profits. Just look at the Philippines, or Mexico, or right here in the u.s.

White power wants us distracted and dependent on them, so that we have nowhere else to turn when they start killing us. If we’re at the mercy of the colonial government, they can continue to thrive off of our blood and labor.

Black Check represents white power poisoning us every day.

African and Colonized working-class people don’t have control over our food, education, and housing, and this means that the colonizers can keep us poor and dependent.

Black Hammer recognizes the main issue – the core contradiction – is the land question, colonialism. True liberation lies in taking the land back, so we can destroy the white ruling class.




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