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#HandsOffLebanon: France poised to recolonize after Beirut bombing

By Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

One week after the bombing of the port of Beirut, Lebanon, a dizzying sequence of events has slammed the country one after the other. Average working-class Lebanese citizens are still struggling to make sense of the wreckage, and yet Lebanon has since seen anti-government protests erupting in the streets, it’s government resign, and the French government swoop in to take control of its former colony.

In less than a week, Lebanon has gone from threatening to retaliate against illegal israeli bombings, to being once again threatened by israel and the u.s. to disarm its military forces on the Lebanon/Palestine border.

All because of a magically well-timed explosion—one of the worst in human history.

Yet, while Lebanese citizens struggle to see how their lives could get any worse, there is one party who actually has everything to gain from the disaster: France.

By the end of July, France had experienced its worst economic decline in history thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s GDP dropping 14% in just three months.

French president, Emmanuel Macron, flew out to Beirut just two days after the bombing saying that France will “lead” its former colony in an investigation and in providing foreign aid.

A truly unthinkable set of coincidences that Lebanon, one of France’s wealthiest colonies, stalls its negotiations with the IMF back in May, threatens war with israel in July, and is bombed a week later in August. And now, France is rushing to fill a power vacuum left in the wake of Lebanon’s government going AWOL.

Macron stands in the wreckage of Beirut. At least 135 people were killed by the bombing, and 300,000 are now homeless.

Lebanon is being recolonized before our eyes. Without a government, the Lebanese people are left wide open to the jaws of French and israeli colonial forces. These same forces are even using their own bombing to call for an international investigation against Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party which has done the most to combat israeli terrorism.

The Black Hammer Times fully denounces the calls for regime change in Lebanon, as well as the French Colonial state for sinking its claws into Beirut before the debris was even cleared. This bombing will not be swept under the rug, poor and working class colonized people must stand united and demand that France and israel keep their #HandsOffLebanon!

Land Back!

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