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Why the mysterious explosion in Lebanon should make you suspicious

By Comrade Hash

Beirut, Lebanon – On August 4, the largest explosion since Hiroshima rocked the capital of this small Middle Eastern country. The blast had 10% of the destructive power of the atomic bomb that the u.s. dropped on Japan.

The culprit, according to French investigators, was ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizer. President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, also suspected foreign interference, which clashed with reports from white nationalist media. Lebanon is a former colony of the French empire.

The ammonium nitrate was stockpiled in a warehouse for seven years, and allegedly served as the cause of the explosion. The timing of the explosion throws much of this investigation into doubt. Namely, how it occurred exactly one week after President Aoun threatened to file a complaint with the United Nations Security Council over a different bombing carried out against the Lebonese by israeli forces.

“We are committed to defend ourselves, our land, our water, and our authority.” said President Aoun after the israeli bombing, “We will not compromise on this matter.” This was Tuesday July 28th. The alleged ammonium nitrate explosion happened on Tuesday, August 4th.

President Aoun, who has rejected Colonialist calls for an international probe, calling it an attempt to “dilute the truth.”

This wasn’t the only notable event that day though: a chemical factory in China exploded and a fire erupted in an industrial area in Iran. All these explosions came two days before the 75-year anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing.

The reactions to the explosion in Lebanon by Colonial empires should also raise concern.

Despite the Lebanese people liberating themselves from French Colonialism, some have still been fooled by French president Emmanuel Macron’s fake words of support:

“We, the global community, Lebanon’s closest friends and partners, will not let the Lebanese people down…It is up to the authorities of the country to act in such a way as to prevent Lebanon from falling, and to respond to the aspirations expressed by the Lebanese people in this very moment, legitimately, in the streets of Beirut…Lebanon’s future is being decided now, by Lebanon itself, and with its international partners at its side.’

Even the Zionist state of israel offered fake support by projecting the Lebanese flag on a colonial city hall building in israel. These are the same Zionists who fought and killed people during the Lebanese civil war and supported the far-right factions.

The same Zionists who oppress Palestinian Arabs and steal their land are trying to pretend that they care about Lebanese Arabs!

Hands off Lebanon!

France and israel are using the explosion as an attempt to further destabilize their former colony and further their colonial plunder. These colonizers are hoping to fool people or find sellouts who will help them win control over the land and exploit the working class people.

Already, Lebanese people are taking to the streets because of economic issues which were made worse by Coronavirus. The explosion has further angered the population.

However, colonizers will often try to use mass movements to overthrow governments and install submissive neocolonial puppets.

Notably, the colonial propaganda outlet, the New York Times, has been boosting Sami Attalah, the director of a Lebanese non-government organization, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies.

Although Attalah’s organization proclaims itself independent, it has a history of taking funds from the Ford Foundation (which itself has strong links to the CIA).

Attalah is pushing a narrative that the Lebanese government is a failure because it failed to implement neocolonial economic reforms to gain funds from a colonial investment program called CEDRE.

In his book Neo-colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism, Ghanian revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah writes, “With what aim have these innumerable incidents occurred? The general objective has been mentioned: to achieve colonialism in fact while preaching independence.”

The colonizer’s playbook

White Nationalist regime change is deceptively simple and simply deceptive: create unrest in a country, proclaim to support the people (while fighting the people’s government), install submissive neocolonial leaders who will implement “reforms”, and finally, let the capitalists swoop in and leech the country’s land, lives, and resources.

Although the current Lebanese government is not fully anti-colonial, with the exception of the “Party of God”, Hezbollah, it’s not selling out the country as fast as French or israeli colonizers would like. It is evident that they’ve manufactured a crisis, or at the very least, swooped in mere hours after this devastating explosion, to further push for regime change.

One thing that the colonizers aren’t mentioning, but you can be sure is on their minds, is how to deal with Hezbollah, the anti-zionist “state within a state” that colonizer forces like France, UK, israel, and amerikkka want to destroy.

Hezbollah Freedom Fighters.

According to Hezbollah’s founding manifesto in 1985, it’s first goal is:

  1. To expel americans, the French and their allies definitely from Lebanon, putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land.

Black Hammer Organization maintains that all the problems that colonized people face are due to colonialism and submissive neocolonialist sellouts. Therefore, we also fight for poor and working class colonized people to have dictatorship – absolute control – over their land, lives, and resources.

The dual contending power that Hezbollah demonstrates is a defense against further colonial exploitation. In the wake of this explosive crisis, although colonizers may offer nice-sounding words, these are nothing but attempts to continue their parasitism through the use of neocolonialism.


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