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5 ways Hammer City is protecting Colonized children

By Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

As the u.s. government forces schools to reopen across the country, 3 million children are projected to catch COVID-19 (most of them Black and Colonized kids). And all to force parents back into the workplace. This is the worst example so far during the pandemic of how low amerikkka is willing to sink to squeeze profits out of colonized communities.

It’s no shock that the country that let Trayvon Martin’s murderer walk free would sacrifice the lives of millions of our children. Black Hammer is building Hammer City, a whole ass city free of Coronavirus, rent, and police violence, to make sure our future generations never have to experience this colonial genocide.

Here are five ways that Hammer City is protecting colonized children!

1. Taking the land back from rich pedophiles

The white ruling class has always been a gang of pedophiles, since the beginning. Before Jeffrey Epstein, there was Christopher Columbus, who set up his own sex trafficking ring of enslaved Indigenous children as young as 9 years old.

It’s no coincidence that a majority of children kidnapped by sex traffickers in the u.s. are African and Colonized. Everywhere that the white ruling class goes to privatize land, the kidnapping of colonized children follows.

It’s more than just a ghoulish business, it’s an act of war. That pattern of sex trafficking can be seen everywhere that amerikkka sets up a military base. Raping colonized kids is an age old military tactic that goes along with having our land stolen by colonizers.

If the white ruling class really wanted to stop sex traffickers they’d abolish the Catholic Church! Then why don’t they? The culture of pedophilia is baked into colonial society.

Joe Biden sniffs a young asian child

A system can’t solve a problem it created as a means to sustain itself. That’s why Indigenous land liberators are running Hammer City, to make sure none of the influence of rich, white pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein creeps into Hammer City.

Just for good measure, we have a strict “no whites” code at Hammer City. The colonizers working for Columbus and the Catholic priests that followed them were all broke as hell, but that didn’t stop them from trafficking our children. None of them are allowed to set foot on our land.

2. We’re combatting COVID-19

Unlike what the colonial media is reporting, children are in just as much danger from catching COVID-19 as their parents. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Black Hammer has been following strict safety guidelines developed by our Disaster Relief committee.

We’ve been at the forefront of educating the masses on how to stay healthy, and on the ground daily passing out life saving PPE. This culture of security will serve as the foundation of Hammer City.

White politicians and citizens have been using coronavirus as a biological weapon against Colonized people and our children, so we have no choice but to follow a strict culture of security. White people and their unwashed, smallpox blanket spreading asses won’t be allowed anywhere near Hammer City, or our kids.

‘Excuse me, I’d like to cough on the manager.’

Like the revolutionary government of Cuba makes clear, basic healthcare is a priority for poor and working class colonized people! In addition to quarantine houses for all newcomers, where we can confirm that they aren’t spreading the virus, Hammer City’s free healthcare services will actually serve Colonized people over profits.

3. Hammer City is free from food insecurity

In the united snakes alone, food insecurity has doubled since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even if the virus disappeared tomorrow, that still leaves millions of Colonized families struggling to feed their children.

If we are going to talk about security for our children, we need to talk about food security as well. A people cannot defend themselves when they are hungry. Our children cannot grow up healthy and strong when they lack basic nutrition like they do all over the world.

The culture of defense within Hammer City is backed by our Campaigns Committee, who have dedicated their full energy to researching and practicing farming methods practiced by Colonized people for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Sustainability is more than just ensuring the health of the land, it is working with the land so that it provides for our people. Dictatorship over land means that we control our food supply, we control distribution, we control the health of our communities.

4. Full control over our schools

With Democrats and Republicans both forcing schools to open, parents have nowhere to turn to keep their kids from catching COVID-19. This should come as no surprise considering that schools built by white nationalist amerikkka only serve white supremacy.

Hammer City schools are an extension of our four principles of unity, meaning poor and working class colonized people have complete control over how they functions, from construction down to curriculum.

Schools aren’t just pipelines into the prison system like they are under Colonialism. They should be vital institutions to prepare children’s minds and bodies for the practical world. Just like we have to strengthen the community against pandemics like covid-19, we have to strengthen the minds of the next generation against the colonial chains that bind us.

5. Free defense training (for all ages!)

Self-defense training is important for kids as well as adults! Parents and kids alike will have access to free self defense classes to build up that community of safety and security.

In the DPRK, anti-americanism starts as early as kindergarten and is as much a part of the curriculum as learning to count.

Black Hammer already has free classes in self defense and fitness, as well as free counseling sessions because Colonial violence attacks our minds as well as our bodies!

All of the internalized violence we inherit from Colonialism we inflict onto our children, therefore defending ourselves against the colonizer in our head is just as important as defending ourselves against the one in the street.

This culture of defense is a cornerstone of Black Hammer, and will be a necessary part of our schools, and institutions. Hammer City is the safeguard of our next generation, who will grow up in a world without the chains of the plantation around their necks.


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