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It’s official, white people have hi-jacked BLM protests

By BHT Staff

White people are flocking to protests en masse. A majority of BLM protesters, an estimated 46 percent, are white Democrats, according to the Pew Research Center.

“If we are to be honest with ourselves, we must admit that the ‘Negro’ has been inviting whites, as well as civil society’s junior partners, to the dance of social death for hundreds of years, but few have wanted to learn the steps. They have been, and remain today—even in the most anti-racist movements, like the prison abolition movement – invested elsewhere. This is not to say that all oppositional political desire today is pro-white, but it is usually anti-Black, meaning it will not dance with death.’ Frank Wilderson III

Let’s be real. The wave of protests that began in June have always been rooted in anti-blackness. Since the beginning, the leaders of these protests have centered the “savior complex” and applauded white people for doing less than the bare minimum.

Activism can’t begin and end with a hashtag

This reactionary activism has always been performative. White people are weaponizing protests as opportunities to win “I’m not racist!” points, even as they wrestle control of African-led rebellions out of the hands of Africans. Protests have become yet another space to be colonized.

The white whipping class will try to co-opt colonized movements whenever they get the chance, so letting them into the movements at all is a fatal mistake. This also includes colonized people who pretend to support revolutionary movements but are only in it for the clout. These clout-chasers are puppets of colonial violence.

This is why Black Hammer’s 4th Principle of Unity is that revolution can succeed only if it’s led by poor and working class colonized people, not by these submissive neocolonial sellouts.

Holiday Phillips put it best when she said, “Activism can’t begin and end with a hashtag.”

After the hashtags stop trending, Black lives will still be lived in an ‘undeclared state of emergency’ as said by Professor Christina Sharpe of York University.

Black Lives Matter, and other sellout orgs, are acting like loudspeakers for white people and their demands for “reform”, whether they be the average protester in white nationalist Portland, Oregon, or billionaires like George Soros

Demands to “Defund the police” will never be taken seriously by our oppressors, and long time BLM activists know that. There is money to be made off of our suffering.

Dancing with Death

To further expand on Frank Wilderson’s quote, when looking at Black revolutionary work  “one must embrace its incoherence… if one’s politics are to be written by a desire to take down this country.”

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Incoherent, not in lack of discipline, but rather to work against the chokehold of Colonialism that is the foundation of society. When the very systems that sanction genocidal violence are destroyed, then colonized people will see liberation. 

Black Hammer is here to counter the infiltration of organized rebellion! Our demands are nothing less than the full destruction of colonialism, and neocolonial puppet organizations. Anti colonial revolution starts with creating a space that is for people of color only, and that space is Hammer City

Hammer City allows us to build beyond the colonial boundaries that tell what society can look like. Colonized people can be our own leadership because we are the only true working class. Hammer City is more than a city without rent, police, and Coronavirus. It’s a place that’s for colonized people only, to enforce our dictatorship over our lives, land, labor, and resources!




  1. True, I see mostly ghosts in those blm “protest marches”, they are the ones starting all the trouble that turns our dreams of freedom & equality into something that is actually turning more people into racists and against us. blm is not our friend, not on our side. White liberals have helped us to death.

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